Compatibility of Komputerbay 128GB 1000x and 1050x with 5D Mk II

Started by Maciej_W, October 11, 2015, 12:51:03 PM

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What is the current status of compatibility of KB 128GB 1000x and 1050x with 5D Mk II? Is Magic Lantern bootable on these cards? Are they fast enough to record continuously MLV with sound in 1856 x 790 (or in higher resolutions)? I'm planning to buy one of these cards and I have found lots of mixed reports about them. Some claimed that they don't work, others they do...

Walter Schulz
May I ask why you intend to buy such a card and not 1066x or 1200x? 1000x and 1050x are some sort of outdated and you may get an older stock incompatible with 5D2. And price for older/slower cards was higher the last time I checked.


Thanks for reply. I'm buying cards from and they don't have 128 GB 1200x version (was such card ever produced by Komputerbay?). KB 128 GB 1066x is slightly more expensive (2 EUR difference), but I understand, that it's 100% compatible/bootable with 5D Mk II?

Walter Schulz

My fault. There was talk about 1200x in development but never left that state.
You may contact KB support (and supportive they are!) if their replacement offer from about 2 years ago is valid still.
And make sure your cardreader does UDMA-7 or you are in risk of permanently damaging your KB card.
Here is a bunch of cardreaders tested with different cards:
Kingston FCR-HS4 sounds quite good to me. Supports UHS-II, too.


I had written an e-mail to KB about compatibility, I'm waiting for their reply. Unfortunately I live in Poland, so sending anything back and forth to USA is a very bad idea.
Yes, I know about UDMA-7 readers issue, I have Transcend RDF8K and it works well with my KB 64GB 1000x.
How about KB 128GB 1066x and 5D Mk II? Would it work? Again, lots of mixed reviews here, but most of them about performance with 5D Mk III, not Mk II.
I think, that it would be good idea to create a compiled table of different cards reports, such as "current RAW video capabilities" on google docs. Maybe in the future I will have a time for that tedious task...


I'm searching for the same info as well! I remember trouble with cards differents than the 1000X (the ones that I'm using right now).

Walter Schulz

Which of those issues haven't been cleared by KB support here or elsewhere?


KB 128GB 1066x is the sweet spot for 5D3 and should work for 5D2 as well...
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ted ramasola

To the OP, I have done extensive tests on the KB 2 years ago, and getting the 128gig 1000X CF is about as good as you can get for the 5D mark II. The camera could not take advantage of faster cards as it is limited by its CF data bus.

I have not tested the 1066X.

This old post shows my tests with their 256gig 1200X which is problematic on the 5D2.

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