Author Topic: rawJobs | batch processing for mlv2dng, darktable and ffmpg for Linux  (Read 3012 times)


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rawJobs is a batch processing programm for mlv2dng, darktable and ffmpeg for Linux.

Extract your mlv's, select a xmp file from draktable and let it cook.  :o

License GPLv3


The programm is still in an early stage(!) but since it can already be usefull I decided to release it now.
Beware that: a) you need mlv2dng in your main directory (same as the rawJobs binary). Get it here.
                    b) There is no ffmpeg support yet. This will be implemented in one of the next versions.
                    c) You need a properly installed Darktable
                    d) There are (known) bugs!

Get v0.2 here. (Binary compiled in openSuse 13.2 64bit)
Source. This is a Lazarus project.