Author Topic: Canon 60d (Bricked) - Error 70  (Read 3180 times)


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Canon 60d (Bricked) - Error 70
« on: September 14, 2015, 04:55:31 PM »
Good day everyone,

This issue was already discussed here in the past but since the post I wrote have stayed unanswered for several weeks, I’ve decided to try again with a fresh topic.

I am seeking some help in order to unbrick my Canon 60d. Of course, I am willing to pay for this help if the procedure is successful.

The problem I have is very similar to many ones that were described on the forum:

-   I am getting Error 70 after the camera got slightly wet.
-   The camera can be initiated in C mode but I need to take the battery out first.
-   I was able to successfully update the firmware.
-   I tried running ML. I got Err 70 few second after lunching the firmware update with ML on card. I did not get any crash log.
-   I have set new picture parameters using GPHOTO2 but it did not work.

From what I understand, it is possible the forced reboot the camera using a modified autoexec file with disabled assertion. I don’t currently have the knowledge to create such a file.

If this is indeed the way to go, I am wondering if someone share this autoexec file with me,

Thanks in advance,

Jean-François Gagnon