A7SII king of the mountain?

Started by KelvinK, September 11, 2015, 01:39:29 PM

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Well, they did it again or how things should be done. There're no compromises now.

1. 5 axis IS
2. S-LOG3
3. Internal 4k
4. 120p 1080p same quality as A7s 24p 1080p
5. View assist when shooting SLOG (long time implemented in ML, cheers Sony)
5. Everything else hard to judge on paper, especially claimed new level of AF

What left to make it dream video DSLR?  IMO only 4:2:2 internal and higher bitrate codec. Codec can be improved in firmware. I think it remains at 100Mb/s only by a reason Sony doesn't  have time to test it speeding up new releases to be ahead.
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This will be the camera that dethrones Canon.


I'm honestly really debating on selling my 5D Mark III just for this camera.


But honestly, maybe something wrong with me or something wrong with grades ppl did on A7RII (not A7Sii yet), but for me it looks damn digital, especially when wide panoramic shots. its clean, many details, etc, but looks no way close to "film look" and it's really confusing me. Just hop A7S2 will be better.
6D - 5D - NEX - M50!