Author Topic: Vernon Time, a surreal comedy webseries. Shot this episode in ML RAW with a 6D  (Read 1570 times)


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Started making this web series as a way to practice narrative work with a couple of friends in the high desert who had nothing better to do. First time shooting in ML RAW and I must say I can't go back! I think my favorite part is being unable to instantly play back the footage (at least in a satisfying way), helps me focus on paying attention to the scene rather than staring at a screen.

Shot on my 6D with a few different lenses, mainly a Kiron 24mm and a Nikkor 50mm. A few with a Rokinon 14mm. Converted to dng with raw2cdng and then into DNxHD 444 in resolve. Editing in Premiere and graded with Speedgrade (always wanted to try it, has some really handy tools but I probably won't go back. Too buggy)

This was shot over two days and edited in my spare time over the last week.

Vulgar language and incredibly stupid plot.