Author Topic: Improving menu navigation for external monitors  (Read 3382 times)


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Improving menu navigation for external monitors
« on: August 12, 2015, 04:41:24 AM »
EOSM does not have a Q button, so it's done by using a 1-finger touch on the screen. This is a major problem because touchscreen is disabled when an external monitor is connected. I have fixed this by adding the following to menu.c

Code: [Select]
#if defined(CONFIG_EOSM)// No Q Button on EOSM, use PLAY if ml menu is open
    if (button_code == BGMT_PLAY && gui_menu_shown()) button_code = BGMT_Q;

It works perfectly like this. Now you can open ml menu with long-press trash, and you can enter "q" menus with play button. Finally! I don't have to unplug my monitor just to change ml settings.....

I realize that play normally increments values in ml menu, the loss of that functionality is not important to me, since you can already increment values with left/right, however, I would like to submit this fix in a pull request, so I think to do this in an acceptable way it needs to say:

if if (button_code == BGMT_PLAY && gui_menu_shown() || menu has submenu or we are in a submenu)

this way, play only acts as Q if there is a submenu,or to exit a submenu, otherwise play increments values as normal

How do I write this? Alex?