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Started by jesjewal, August 02, 2015, 05:06:47 PM

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Any news on the development of ML for the 7d Mark II? I pulled the trigger anticipating a ML build for it, but now I fear I may have made a mistake.


There is no developer with a 7D II...
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Truthfully I'm sure it will come eventually, especially considering it is the only Canon DSLR that can shoot 1080/60p right now, I would just caution you have to be very patient.  A number of us have been waiting for a 70D ML build since that glorious camera first came out and that has just made steam at the end of Q1 this year with the first alpha, in part thanks to amazingly generous people helping a developer with some free time, get his hands on the body.

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Well, I'm growing weary about ML Raw on the 7dMark II, by the time it happens the A7sIII will be here. I'm thinking about getting the A7SII anyway because it is the new king. I would also donate to Magic Lantern if they didn't do only BitCoin.....my wife won't let me do that sh*t, duh.


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