DaVinci Resolve performance improvement

Started by hateom, December 28, 2014, 10:22:08 AM

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I'm using Resolve more and more to colour correct and grade my ML RAW footage, and the more features I discover, the better the workflow gets for me.
I wrote small article describing how to improve the performance of Resolve allowing you to get realtime playback even with no proxy and OpenFX plugins applied (Neat Video, Film Convert, etc).


It's nothing new, but when I have found these features it was a drastic change in my workflow.
Hope this helps you guys!


Good one! People with laptops and ***M video cards are google'ing this topic quite a lot


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Thanks for this

A problem i ran into during round tripping

I successfully send an XML to resolve (from Premiere cc2014) for grading, but when i tried sending back to Premiere cc2014 after grading, Premiere cc2014 would not accept the XML created by Resolve. FCP7 and Premiere cs6 would accept it though. So not sure whats going on there.
Have you encountered this issue?


There is a problem with Premiere Pro CC, but you can try Avid AAF export from Resolve, Premiere Pro CC is able to import this project type. Not the most convenient workflow though...


Just wanted to let you know that I described the caching feature in DaVinci Resolve a bit more in a new post, so in case you are interested in getting the most out of it, here's the link:



Hi guys, with the yesterday's premiere of DaVinci Resolve I have updated my article about caching, now with the latest version in mind:

All you need to know about Caching in DaVinci Resolve 12