Author Topic: 5D Mark II Raw Video with Lexar 256GB 1066X  (Read 2446 times)


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5D Mark II Raw Video with Lexar 256GB 1066X
« on: July 13, 2015, 02:40:31 PM »
I have a problem, i will record 1920x1080 25FPS on my 5D Mark 2 with my new Lexar 256GB 1066X Card but it is always stopping at 18-20 seconds and the camera icon on the right is always yellow and at 10 seconds its gonna be red and 8 seconds later the video stops , ML says "Frame skipped stopping" i tried to record on 640x320 25FPS, all fine and on 1280x720 25FPS all fine as well... (ML v2.0) with ML v1.0 i can record 40-50 seconds... on 1856x1044

Benchmark test says:

buffer 16384k
write speed 69,3 mb/s
read speed 78,2 mb/s

buffer 16384k
write speed 69,7 mb/s
read speed 78,4 mb/s

buffer 15625k
write speed 76,1 mb/s
read speed 81,2 mb/s

buffer 4096k
write speed 65,3 mb/s
read speed 75,3 mb/s

buffer 3906k
write speed 62,2 mb/s
read speed 76,8 mb/s

buffer 2048k
write speed 60,0 mb/s
read speed 71,1 mb/s

buffer 1953k
write speed 52,4 mb/s
read speed 70,8 mb/s

buffer 128k
write speed 18,9 mb/s
read speed 21,9 mb/s

edit: and on the resolution tab
60mb/s at 25.000p. continuous recording OK

and lager video resolution as 1600x900
1920x1080 is not possible in current video mode (max 1856)
80,8 mb/s at 25.000p. expect around 0 frames at 69,7mb/s

Is my card to slow? Or maybe broken? Or not compatible with my cam?