Author Topic: How to circumvent the need for key press sim (like start af)?  (Read 2497 times)


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One thing I've never quite understood about the inner workings of the camera: How is it that we need these awful keypress simulations to get some things done? Isn't there some way to *directly* access whatever-that-key does, there has to be some entry point in the Canon fw we can simply call like for "metering and af start" - or am I getting this entirely wrong?

The current annoyance is that I'd like to engage *H (expo lock hold) with ML, but no button it is available has a gui event on the 6d - thus I cannot simulate it. Harrrrrrgnnn ...

... (background): this would be the solution to the braindead 6d af-pt-biased eval metering, the idea is to auto-expo-lock whenever engaging the af with halfshutter. The "dual button method" with simple hold on halfshutter and backbutton af is too slow and cumbersome for quick shooting.