Author Topic: Best Auto ETTR & Intervalometer settings for starry night time-lapses  (Read 5613 times)


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I have really been enjoying using the Auto ETTR method to deflicker my time-lapses. 

It's proven the simplest and most effective way to shoot day-to-night.  I have begun combining it with the Advanced Intervalometer module.

Has anyone found a sweet-spot for the auto ETTR settings for star time-lapses?

My current approach is to put the camera in Bulb mode, and use the Advanced Intervalometer to ramp my intervalometer time and ramp the shutter so I can can shoot a lot of photos to get smooth motion of clouds at sunset, but then slow down so I can keep the shutter open long enough to see the stars. 

Below are my last general settings:
ISO: 1600 Max
Interval Times: 20s before sunset, 60s after
Aperture: F22 ramped to F3.5
White Balance: 5800K
Auto ETTR (Defaults)
Exposure target: -0.5 EV
Highlight ignore: 0.2%
Allow clipping: Green channel
Midtone SNR limit: 6 EV
Shadow SNR limit: 2 EV
Link to Canon shutter: ON
Link to Dual ISO: ON

I feel like there may be more ideal "Exposure target," "Midtown SNR limit," and "Shadow SNR limit" to capture night stars.  My ideal manual settings would be 30s shutter with 35s interval (with 3200ISO on a nicer body than my T2i), but because of the Auto ETTR, and my dislike for noise, I have been doing 45s shutter at 55s intervals.

Love to know your thoughts and experience!