Alien Spacecraft or Dual ISO Hot Pixel?

Started by limey, June 01, 2015, 11:01:31 PM

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My friend told me to go outside as he thought he saw a rocket while driving (hes about 40 miles South of me). I ran outside and I see this thing moving at a very fast rate of speed. I run back in and grab my camera. Not realizing dual-iso is on. Btw the angle this was traveling at was not typical compared to the way I see planes traveling normally in the area. Zoomed in it does look like an airplane.

I know this is probably a hot pixel issue, but there was something flying at a very fast speed and then these two red lights near the object is kind of funny.

What do you think (zoomed in 8:1)?



Are there other similar "hot" pixels in your image? Sometimes I catch myself zooming into pics I've taken hoping to spot something like this, hahaa
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