Canon 5DII (RAW) + Carl Zeiss CP.2 Super Speed 50 f/1.5

Started by ildsview, May 18, 2015, 01:08:24 PM

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ali farahani

Good work . Super speed lenses are amazing . but i think film look grading for this commercial is not a true choise. However its your choise ;)
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 :D :D Yep, I really think that Film-look make all things better!  ;D Thank you for comment.


@ildsview I dont think that was a wise choice. You are the one who has to deal with darker shadows  / unnatural skintones at the end of the day!


Thank you for your feedback . But you will be surprised to know that the result of the work was pleased not only me ... thank you for reply again


I love the look in general and the animations are great, but again I'm not so sure about the lifted shadows for commercial work. Sound quality is bad IMO. Why does she sound like she's in an echo chamber?!