Files to be copied to the CF card (5D MKII)

Started by Hydrology, July 20, 2012, 06:01:15 PM

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Just wondering if I can avoid having to copy over the other .fir files to the 5D MKII? (Files such as the other .fir files for the other cameras?)

Can I assume that all I need to copy over is the following:-

"ML" folder

Thanking you guys in advance.

Malcolm Debono

If you're not going to use the same card on different cameras (which I'm assuming you're not), you should be able to delete them without any problems  :)
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Be wary. This has not been tested so much. When I get a chance I'll be trying to recreate how I killed a CF card which I had copied on 5DMKII.fir, ML folder, autoexec.bin to see whether it had anything to do with the partial copy or was merely coincidental.