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Started by Maqs, May 01, 2015, 09:56:15 AM

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Canon 6D in a magic lantern turns off after 5 sec recording ???  :-[

Walter Schulz

Yes. Can happen. If you are able to tell some details you may get some helpful answers.

In the meantime some default answers:
- Card interface bandwidth is limited to about 41 MByte/s and it doesn't help inserting a faster card.
- Use ExFAT filesystem.


Thank you for the quick reply. I card SanDisk 64GB 80MB / sec. How to set the exFAT file system? I set the record in RAW and Dual ISO 100/1600, frame 25, White Balance Auto, Manual Mode. It would be easier if at the forum was given a link to the video how to optimally set the parameters of the ML menu for recording in Canon 6D- so as to obtain the best possible picture and be able to record videos with a length of 30 minutes Tests for two days ML 6D of 1.1.6 and the impression that ML is a test version in which no action themselves short, the menu switches off automatically after a few seconds and the camera turns heat up to 56 C is excluded recording after 5 seconds. The display image interferes with horizontal stripes and so I enclose pictures of my setup ...

Walter Schulz

41 MByte/s will get you 720p25 continuously recording. The resolution you selected is good for a few seconds only. 75 MByte/s ...

Check filesystem on card first.

If it is not exFAT (FAT64):
You have to format it with exFAT filesystem, then use EOScard/MacBoot to make card bootable. Delete ML directory, Autoexec.bin and *.FIR from card. Copy extracted nightly build contents to card and startup cam.


Thank you for your answer - so I formatted in exFAT. I do not understand, however, until the end of the final command:   

"You have to format it with exFAT filesystem, then use EOScard/MacBoot to make card bootable. Delete ML directory, Autoexec.bin and *.FIR from card. Copy extracted nightly build contents to card and startup cam."

Whether it is for an additional program in which I make changes? How to do it - you can explain it step by step?

Walter Schulz


Walter Schulz

Try this:
Just copy extracted nightly builds to card and run firmware upgrade once again. Reboot.


Conclusion after 4 whole days of fighting with ML Canon 6d is that ML is a development version, which is unfinished and unstable. At least for Canon 6d. I ScanDisk memory of 80 Mb / s, so in theory very fast and quietly should cope with the task. If you just had bad luck and bought a memory of hidden undervalued record that would be the only explanation interrupting the recording after 5-7 seconds, Ful HD resolution. When you reduce the resolution to 800x 600 is a recording is continuous. But excuse me, not after it installs ML to lower quality video at its original recording in Full HD. It should be added that the same file is saved in RAW creates additional problems such as Media Composer, Adobe Premiere or need ofcourse additional Ethernet cards in the form of a plug-in, which of course is paid. At the moment ML the same problems and not worth this software installed on canon 6d.  :-[

Walter Schulz

How often do I have to repeat it? Card interface in 6D is limited to about 41 MByte/s. You should get 720p25 continuous. My 650D does ...
Do the math, take your time ...

RAW/MLV workflow is not that simple, that's right.


And how to work on RAW since the introduction of Media Composer and Adobe Premiere require an additional plugin for minimum $ 150? On the limitation of bandwidth card in 6D to 41 Mb / s I did not know.


Quote from: beduinnn on December 30, 2015, 02:16:32 PM
And how to work on RAW since the introduction of Media Composer and Adobe Premiere require an additional plugin for minimum $ 150? On the limitation of bandwidth card in 6D to 41 Mb / s I did not know.

Check this.
There are many workflows to work with raw videos. I convert to dng using mlrawviewer then important them to what ever soft I need.


You have to learn to work with the limitations  : ;D

For serious production work or longtime filming in HD resolution, you need a DSLR with compact flash interface (5dIII, 5dII, 7d)
All the DSLR's with SD interface have their limitations.
But if you know them and you know your way around in post processing DNG files, you can get badass picture quality  8)

First, better forget 16:9 aspect ratio, 1:2,40 is very nice too  :D (and needs less bandwidth)
With a 6d you can record about 16 seconds in 1728 x 724 resolution, which scales up to 1920 x 800 without problem and in superior quality.
And 16 seconds is a very long clip time, watch a movie or TV show and count the seconds you are seeing the same shot without switching to another shot... I bet there aren't much shots longer then 16 seconds :P


I might be crazy but i can't find any mention of this online?

When in live view mode shooting photos using any overlay, the picture seems to have a slight lag which i don't mind, but its also tearing horizontally a lot. as if i was playing a game and Vsync was turned off.

If this is a simple fix please help me this is driving me nuts! I shoot with mostly manual lenses and was looking forward to giving ML a shot.


Ok, I read a lot about ML and the Canon 6D with V1.1.6 . Now I really want to test it ...BUT... one thing remains: Until now I couldn't find a final answer to the following two questions:

1) Is it possible to disable the bootflag of the Canon 6D once it has been enabled - and if yes, how?
2) Is it possible for Canon or anyone else to detect if ML was installed in the past after disablind the bootflag again? So, is every single bit of the cam firmware set to the original value once the bootflag is disabled again - or are there also other changes to the original firmware/memory of the cam?

Many thanks in advance,


In the first post it says how to install and uninstall.

Never tried to uninstall, but uninstalling means disabling the bootflag I guess, in other words, returning the camera to it's original state.
So (unless Canon has some secret/unknown logfile within the camera that holds track of enabling and disabling the bootflag) nobody can see ML run on it in the past.

Walter Schulz

And because there is no reported issue with cams sent to Canon support (bootflag set or not) I don't even see the point in 2).


I doubt that they are looking into this that strictly as Samsung does on their mobiles.


Thank you for your help so far. Now I know that my Canon 6D has a limited capacity on the card for 40 MB / s. Currently struggling with two problems, the first is such that the video image in RAW and Dual Iso records in purple colors, just pictures taken are colored purple. What is the cause? The second problem is what is the best way to import into Adobe Premiere RAW files so that the material does not lose its money? A link to the program or a free plug-in?


Your raw files don't contain white balance settings.
So some programs are setting the white balance conpletely wrong by default.
If the images are purple you need to move the 'tint' slider from purple to green.(in the software where you edit your raw files)


I want to shoot a feature film on the ML so interested in me shots up to 2 minutes. No problem, it runs at a lower resolution, but why not record my image quality (violet) and how to convert to Adobe Premiere (trial) to check the quality of recorded material in RAW?  :-[


You need to convert the raw files to be able to edit them.
Most people convert the raw files to DNG images sequence.

You can use this for example, but there are many other software options created by ML users:

The DNG files can be edited in many raw(photo)editors.
And there are video editors where you can import the DNG sequence directly.
Blackmagicdesign offers a proffesional video/color editor for free, called Davinci Resolve (not Studio, that's the payed version)

for many more options, search for:
magic lantern raw workflow
on youtube or google


Has anyone used the focus ramping in the intervalometer? I've been testing it out a bit and it seems to stop after 3-4 images after that the LV of the cam just goes black and no shutter release. Is it a bug? Or am I doing something wrong



New user--just installed on my 6D with 1.1.6 firmware. Under the Expo menu there's no Auto ETTR menu item. Any suggestions?

Walter Schulz