how to correctly setup zebra menu if I shoot video in RAW?

Started by Brawl, April 02, 2015, 11:57:42 PM

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ML default setting should be "LumaFast, over 99%".
If i press Q I have access to the settings.

Color Space: Luma Fast; RGB; Luma.
Underexposure: Disabled; from 1% (3) to 20% (51).
Overexposure: 70% (179) to 100% (255); Disabled
When recording: hide/show
Use RAW Zebras: Photo only; always; Off
Raw zebra underexposure: off; 0ev to 4ev.

which are the suggested settings for shooting raw video?



thx for your help. I'm a little bit confused sorry.
I have read the Alex post that say: " You can easily find an image that is not overexposed in RAW, but is overexposed by about 1 stop (sometimes more) in JPEG/H.264."

this mean that I must use different values/settings in the zebra menu if I shoot in RAW video instead that if I shoot in H.264? I have not found the specific settings for RAW video in the topic that you posted. can you help me to find out please? RAW video can reach 255 so I must setup overexposure at 255 (100%) in the zebra menu? so the default values of the zebra menu are wrong if I want to use zebra for RAW video? the default are overexposure set at 99% (252).

thanks a lot,



Percentages, 0 - 255 - whatever, are only valid for JPG.

Read the topic title again, then look at the screenshots.  The option that says "Use RAW zebras" should be pretty self explanatory.  :)