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Started by PhotoMajesty, July 19, 2012, 08:39:36 PM

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A quick question:

With this new release candidate, what is the highest and most stable bit rate will the 5D Mark II record at? With the previous ML version I am able to record at approx 80mbps (without sound) on my t2i. Would love to know what this new version is able to accomplish for my 5D.

Thank you for any information.


Holy crap! I've been made a "contributor" and didn't even know it. I can answer my own question after I download the RC for testing. Will report back in a few! Thanks guys!


ML doesn't influence the recording capabilities since it's dependant upon bandwidth and card speed.
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Thanks for that note. I wondered why I couldn't find much info on this topic.


From what I have been able to see, pushing beyond 60mb/s recording internally does not serve much of a purpose. You have larger files but the data is just as fuzzy. I have been happy with doubling the data rate (which strangely enough comes out at a bit over 55mb/s which calculates significantly lower than double). Haven't seen any improvement in pushing beyond x2.0.

Although that isn't your question. I hope to give you some more detailed answers using both constant and Qscale bit rates after the weekend, if I can track down a higher bitrate card seen as my other one recently died.


Did you try to post process the footage? Also look at instant bitrate on screen and not just overall rate in the file.