8086 emulator - FreeDOS on your camera (tiny8086.mo)

Started by a1ex, April 01, 2015, 03:01:33 PM

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This one is real :P
(and the Linux port is real as well)

I just discovered the 8086tiny emulator - plain C source code, minimal dependencies, so I managed to compile it as a ML module, and now I'm running FreeDOS on the camera :)

- tiny8086.mo (to be copied on the card, under ML/MODULES)
- bios (to be copied on card root)
- fd.img (to be copied on card root)
- IME modules from g3gg0, to be able to type commands at the DOS prompt

Source code: https://bitbucket.org/hudson/magic-lantern/src/tiny8086/modules/tiny8086/

- FreeDOS will start on top of DryOS, at camera startup
- press SET to start typing commands in the IME editor
- the only commands I've tested were "dir" and "bogomi16", on 60D.


It's good for general development. But, I will take a risk with Linux implementations.  :)
Camera: Canon 500D
FW: 1.1.1
ML: Nightly (4 October 2017)



I wonder if Apogee games will run.

Will this make it into the nightlies?


The disk images are fairly large, and the module isn't likely to be very useful (just fun). So I'd keep it as a separate download.

You can run it on top of the nightly builds though.



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This seems to work pretty well! If anyone is mad enough to want to play it on their camera, here's a disk image that boots into the original Colossal Cave text adventure:


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I am just curious . Apart to play games on the camera display, what benefits would have running Freedos or linux on camera?
Maybe more programmability for certain automated tasks, or more deeper control of the camera core? Don't know...

Recently I discovered Kolibri ,that's a very lightwight OS just 1.4 Mb , entirely compiled in c++, complete with GUId and it is very fast.
It requires only a few megabyte disk space and 8MB of RAM to run. Kolibri features a rich set of applications that include word processor, image viewer, graphical editor, web browser and well over 30 exciting games. Full FAT12/16/32 support is implemented, as well as read-only support for NTFS, ISO9660 and Ext2/3/4. Drivers are written for popular sound, network and graphics cards.


Could be useful to know?

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I really want to play with this, but I have to change the button to enter command so it can work on EOSM. Is the source online somewhere?


Quote from: dpjpandone on August 23, 2015, 08:29:39 AM
I really want to play with this, but I have to change the button to enter command so it can work on EOSM. Is the source online somewhere?

Did you find the source? I'd like it too if possible!