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Property Classes
« on: July 19, 2012, 11:46:38 AM »
Looking at some PropMgr states, I found some valuable info, names of different ranged properties. From VxWorks in 5dc v1.1.1:

0x1000000 range = TuneData
0x2000000 range = RingData
0x3000000 range = CustomData
0x4000000 range = PcData
0x5000000 range = WftData
0x80000000 range = FixData

important functions:
check_property_list__maybe: 0xFFAB9FA8 --> seems to check if a property passed as arg0 is valid (in one of the "prop lists").
PROPPAD_GetPropertyData: 0xFFAB6D5C --> arg0 is a property, it checks if it fits in one of the lists too maybe? this is where I found the names above.