Canon 5D Mark III / 5D3 / Firmware 1.1.3

Started by a1ex, March 10, 2015, 11:53:40 PM

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Walter Schulz


did not understand anything ((I need to photograph the subject with bracketing on the focus so that it was all in focus



Are you seeking to bracket just macro shots or landscape shots?

The ML focus bracketing covers macro, my focus bar and other scripts have been written cover landscape focus stacking needs.

Two separate and radically different use cases.


Hi, I am totally new here. I have a problem with my Canon 5D Mark iii. When I shoot in Silent Burst or Burst in generell with two Cards (SD and CF), the camera writes just to the SD card, and it starts loading and i have to wait the the screen comes back. So after a shooting day i sometimes have 100 photos less on the CF card. Do you know something about this issue?

Thanks :)


Hello hello
new to the forum and community.
Running specs: Canon Mark 3_ Firm v. 1.3.3
Task: I need to downgrade to version 1.1.3 to run ML 1.1.3
Protocol: Not working. Firmware v 1.1.3 is downloaded into my SD card but when I try to upgrade it tells me version firmware older than the one installed in camera.
Question: How can I downgrade to v.1.1.3? I don't have the EOS cd, should I buy it?
Any help will be appreciated, thank you.

Walter Schulz

Top of page -> Downloads -> Download Nightly Builds -> 5D Mark III 1.1.3 -> Installation
"EOS Digital Solution Disk Software" is downloadable without fee.


Dear friends! I apologize if offtopic, but tell me please,
how to get bitrate control h264 on 5D Mark III with Magic Lantern firmware Latest Build: 2018-07-03


Hi everybody where will I download the latest 5D Mark III firmware for magic lantern I know Dani updates the eos m

I am just wondering is there any new and improved firmware for the 5D Mark III


Does anyone have any tricks up their sleeve or experience with the ERR 06 (Sensor cleaning failed) on the 5DIII?


You should be able to disable it in Canon menu.


Hi guys, I'm new to ML and own a 5D iii running firmware 1.3.6.  I just called canon New Zealand and they said the ONLY way to downgrade to 1.2.3 so I can get ML is to send in my camera and they re-install a new motherboard PCB or some such thing, costing $600 NZ dollars!

Does anyone know of any way at all (apart from sending it to Canon) to downgrade to 1.2.3?

kind regards

Walter Schulz

ATM the only way to do it is via Canon Support. PCB replacement (and their pricing) sounds like major BS, though.
Talk to them again, I suggest. Friendly, of course!


I also am on 1.3.6.  Anything I can do to help with either porting ML to 1.3.6, or finding a way to roll back to an older firmware?

Walter Schulz

There is a sticky tweet on ML's Twitter account introducing basic steps into dev mode.
If this isn't your cup of tea: Contact your CPS.


I assume you're talking about QEMU?  That's the tweet I see pinned is about that.  Otherwise, yeah, I've contacted CPS.


Thanks for the reply guys.  I don't know QEMU or dev mode is!  Sounds complex.  I have just started my photography course and it would be so handy to have access to different video settings, I find it really annoying that Canon prevent the downgrade.  Is this what people mean when they say Canon "cripple" their products.

The answer I got was from the Auckland branch of canon, I contacted the guy in Timaru (south island, nz) so fingers crossed he can do something...


UPDATE:  Just got email back from the canon guy closer to my home.  He said

"I don't think so Phil, I could try and reload an old backup of the software, but that could be very dangerous – could brick the camera.
Sorry, too risky".

I can see it from his point of view of, him being a repairman and not wanting to take that risk.  But man what a bummer!  :(

Walter Schulz

Quote from: Philbo on February 25, 2020, 04:43:32 AM
Is this what people mean when they say Canon "cripple" their products.

No. Unrelated.

Meaning: Yes, because people are not very good at reasoning.


Hi guys!
Just installed ML, everything is fine - but I have noticed that in live view I cant move the focusing frame as easily. I can click to recentre it, and after awhile it might move, but its nowhere as near responsive as it was pre ML.

I do have focus peaking enabled, will this affect it?



Hi guys. I'm looking for a 1.1.3 firmware, I can't find a valid link.
I hope you can help me
Thank you

Walter Schulz

Top of page -> Downloads -> Download nightly builds -> 5D Mark III 1.1.3 -> Installation