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Canon 5D Mark III / 5D3 / Firmware 1.1.3

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Walter Schulz:


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Nice 1

Thank for that

Does anyone have any tricks up their sleeve or experience with the ERR 06 (Sensor cleaning failed) on the 5DIII?

You should be able to disable it in Canon menu.

Hi guys, I'm new to ML and own a 5D iii running firmware 1.3.6.  I just called canon New Zealand and they said the ONLY way to downgrade to 1.2.3 so I can get ML is to send in my camera and they re-install a new motherboard PCB or some such thing, costing $600 NZ dollars!

Does anyone know of any way at all (apart from sending it to Canon) to downgrade to 1.2.3?

kind regards


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