Which camera to choose for ML/dual ISO ?

Started by kotofei, February 10, 2019, 04:04:17 PM

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The main goals:
1. Dual ISO photo
2. Automate focus stacking for macro
3. Cheap, second hand body
That`s it. No video shooting. No minimal high ISO noise (hmm...). No weather proof.
CF card, swivel screen, enormous megapixels, huge battery, hybrid focus - are not necessary. Bright pentaprism is greatly appreciated but.. anyway..
For now I have 1000D/tamron 17-50, but canon isn`t my main shooting system. Just want to try/play with dual ISO shooting and may be slightly =) migrate to canon.

tnx ahead

PS is it good idea to choose from DIGIC5 family? will 100D give me all of the above?
Canon EOS 70D (1.1.2)

Walter Schulz

The only ML supported cam not matching second requirement is EOS M. 100D not listed, yet.
-> Modules -> Dual_ISO (Disclaimer: 650D and some other cams (including 100D?) may need some tuning in the register set).
-> Focus -> Focus_stacking. Requires AF lens

I miss swivel screen on my 100D, though. And the option to use some cheaper batteries (like the replacements for 650D from the big river) without entering reliability hell.


tnx, very useful page.
Focus trap doesn`t supported on 650D ?!
Canon EOS 70D (1.1.2)