External Monitor Recommendations with MLV Raw Recording

Started by swinxx, March 03, 2015, 01:29:16 PM

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Hello ML Forum!

i searched and found some resources but they seem a bit outdated.
so can anyone please update the 2015 possibilities for recording raw with external monitor (i own a Canon 5d MK3)

so we have hdmi output with smallhd or lilliput monitors, right? can they be used for recording with magic lantern mlv? if yes, are there any drawbacks regarding canon firmware versions?
and on the other hand, is there a working/reliable usb connection for recording raw material? with an android tables?
a very interesting option for me would be a wireless solution, cause i now own a brushless gimbal :)

thank you very much. greetings and best wished, swinxx


hey..i use a lilliput 5Dii/o/p with my 5d3 and its working fine MLV or RAW..im using 123fir Aug build.
I also tried my tab pro 8.4 but for video monitoring its not so good to use tablets *from my experience*
-it has a small delay and makes things odd if theres movement
-usb takes resources and might limit your rec. especially if u wanna max ressolution or fps *i noticed with my lexar 800x , rec time dropped from 14sec to 7sec @1080p*
But dslr controller offers a cheap wireless solution if u wanna use your tablet, and its fun to control your cam from tablet too :)
For pro video monitoring prefer an hdmi one tho.
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I have one of the older Phottix Hector 7HD, which I like very much. It's stable, the colors are good and it is quite well equipted with ports and cables. In addition it's one of the fast devices, only takes up the 3 seconds for the hdmi handshake. I bought an antiglare folie for an ipad, cut it to fit the size and have no problems outside seeing whats going on.



I use a SmallHD AC7 when recording raw. No problems so far, though I am still using 1.13. I wouldn't mind if it were a little smaller (I think that 5" would be perfect for this camera), but sometimes the extra real estate is nice -- especially when dealing with the super shallow DOF of the 5D. It also has a useful anamorphic scale mode if you ever shoot with those lenses.
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I used to be able to use my iPad Mini as a decent monitor while connected ( can also use a wireless router [emoji6] ) to 5D3 with an app called DSLRcontroller which can be found in Cydia (obviously you have to jailbreak which is easy!) and worked so well up to the point when I updated the iPad mini from iOS 7 to iOS 8...

It now won't work because DSLRcontroller has NOT been updated as of yet! (Currently only works on iOS 7)

I tied out reaching out to the developer on several occasions with no responds so far.


Until then!
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DSLR controller does not need to have jailbreaker android. I have my old galaxy s2 plunged in 550d and wireless to my Asus transformed 101 but be prepared for lag. But back to the original question yes it works if I remember right I had to move the image around to make it central in the screen. Only tried once sorry for being so vaige. Or was that the liliput monitor.
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Thank you very much for the input.

I am searching a leightweight 5" monitor. Simple and not too overpriced. Cause i wanna use it with my gimbal. the 7inch monitors may be great but i have not seen a unit with less than 400grams. thats way too much for my arms. 4-5inch would be great cause i only need it to frame. for the focus i use halfshutter press to magnify it 10x. then search the focus point and preadjust.
i hoped that there will be a working reliable solution with an iphone5, cause it has a great retina display and is light. but i don´t want to compromise with lag and unreliability.

thank you.



I'm with you on the iPhone 5. Wish there was a solution to Be able to use DSLRcontroller on it.

Perhaps the upcoming iPhone 6S Plus may become the real deal!

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I use a Lilliput  (with mlv 113) but resolution and contrast are pretty bad. Ok for for interior shots. Thinking of getting a Ninja Blade for monitoring, recording and playing back. That way I can use prores for proxies and dng for online editing.


thank you so much for all your input.

so today i made a step forward and ordered a 7 inch field monitor, cause i found a light (380g) and very cheap unit.
an Aputure VS-2 for unbelievable 190Euros. it has a nice feature set and battery, sunhood and articulationarm as included tools. here is the link: http://www.aputure.com/V-Screen-VS-2/

so i hope that its what i am searching, so when i get it, i will post some review information.

some last questions:

- when i use canon 5d mk3 and firmware 1.1.3 raw recording and using hdmi monitor which provides zebra exposure visualisation, can i work with those - from the monitor calculated - informations?? or should i use the magic lantern internal zebras?

- i mean - are the overlays from ml still working with an external monitor, or not?

- does ml internal anamorphic desqueezing work on the external monitor?

thank you so much, greets. best regards, respect. swinxx


Great find, swinxx!

I now have my sight on the VS-2 and may consider getting a copy for myself as well...

Thanks man!
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I hope that you will be satisfied with the monitor. amazon wrote that i will get it on monday or tuesday :)
vs-3 also sounded great but is a little bit too expensive for me. vs-2 seems like beeing the best bang für the buck :))

greets swinxx


Well if all goes well according to you along w ML being workable on that particular monitor... Then I'll give it a go as well!
I have about $140 saved up... Another week or so should do.

I agree about the vs-3 but not sure it's worth all the extra $!?

But Man I'm surprised that I let this one flew down under my radar... Really good find, Swinxx!

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Oddly enough I have the Ninja Blade and 422 and when I shoot flat and expose for the highlights with good lighting, the h264 looks as good as the raw.


Not sure a 250€ monitor would have accurate waveform or zebras. Not sure the Ninja Blade would also and it costs a lot more.
You can use ML ones. At the moment I set the shot with all overlays and clear them when recording. It has been working so far.



Hi all. I have a Lilliput 664 (O/P), but currently, I can't get the ML Overlays to work, only the Canon ones. Any tips?

(In other words - I wouldn't recommend this one currently)


Following because I need to order a monitor today... Do any monitors mirror raw overlays though?


On my 5D2 , It my be a little to small  but I use a Zacuto "Z-Finder EVF" loop to Ninja recorder.
They display ML Raw overlay without issue plus the Zacuto has some very good scopes and Others Good Stuff
as well   :)


I use a smallHD DP4 at work and unfortunately ML overlays won't appear on these monitors as well in particular.

Btw @swinxx -- how's ur new toy?
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Seems I'll be selling my Lilliput then, and getting the Aputure.


My apertus is shipped but has not arrived yet.. I will inform you when i have tested it


So i have tried the android alternative but only got 20mb/s and 6sec with dslrdash when recording mlv raw. Is that normal?? Thx


Sounds like your Aputure hasn't arrived yet?

I'm almost done saving up to get one for myself...
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