Dual ISO shot portrait orientation - cr2hdr DNG not rotating if source is DNG

Started by nonax, January 01, 2015, 01:30:27 PM

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Ok, so strange problem here.

When I shoot dual ISO images in portrait orientation, camera knows its portrait and rotates image accordingly.

When I import into LR, whether as a cr2 or dng file, LR knows its portrait and rotates accordingly

When I use the cr2hdr plugin to convert the dual ISO image, if its a dng, it wont rotate the image upon import. I then tested the same image but the cr2 version and the created image was rotated upon upload.

So dng does not auto-rotate after I've run it through the cr2hdr plugin (both v2.1 and 3.0BETA) for some reason.

Any ideas?

PS I want LR to import my images as DNG and not CR2 from now on (this is the first time I've tried it), because I've been told that my LR edits are stored within the DNG file, as opposed to the catalog file for cr2 (by default) or a xmp file (I would have to check the box in settings for every catalog I make - I make a new catalog every shoot)