Video only in B&W (on Canon 5d m ii)

Started by FelixC, February 20, 2016, 03:04:27 PM

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Suddenly all attempts to shoot Video turn out black and white.
I switch den Style between monocrome and any other setting (let's say Standard/landscape etc) and as soon as I press the record botton for filming - it says in the display "style (e.g.) landscape" BUT I see only b&w in the viewer and the recorded Material is only B/W.

What can I do to get my system back to normal? It worked fine for months.. now my d5 is useless (for the moment).

Walter Schulz

Reset camera to factory defaults (+ C.Fn settings), shutdown cam, wait for some ten seconds, remove battery.
Insert battery and restart.
Not working?
Turn off cam, wait for some ten seconds and remove battery.
Insert battery, press SET button (and keep button pressed) and power on cam. If cam startup is complete you may release SET.
Retry and report.


First option did not work
Second option (with the SET botton) helped so far - that the color came back and I could film in colour w/o ML.
As soon as I switch the camera off and ML comes up again I STILL get colours on the screen. If i Press REC now it says (again) PictureStyle "faithfull" (in this case) and turns the colours to monochrome. :(

Everything changes, too, withhe "LV Disply" Settings:"in Photo, no ExpSim" the display shows colors as long as I don't REC. IF I set it to "Movie" the screen goes B/W. Maybe that gives some clue?

ps.: to be more precise: it's not the display that goes b/w - since the setting infos on the lower edge of the display and the "not recording" Box in the centre stay red/yellow/brown and MF in blue as well as the battery sign in green. -> It's not about the display.. it's really about the data that will be recorded.

When I shoot a picture with the index-finger-trigger I get a colorful picture (even though it was b/w on the screen) - when I REC I get b/w material.

Walter Schulz

Prefs tab -> Config Files -> Restore ML defaults.
Restart and retry. Report results.


Thank you Walter!

In my desperation I formated the card on my mac and reinstalled ML from scratch. I get color. I don't know if it runs stable, but it seems to be back to normal!

Thank you so much for your assistance. It's great to have a helping hand in times of need. :)

ps.: Should I delete the post (or will it just stay here for the rest of the world to see in the future)? I'm new to this forum..

Walter Schulz

Formatting the card will delete your backup ROM files, too and that's not recommended at all. In case of real troubles they may get important.
Always backup your ROM files!


Good to know! I will do it from here on.

Thank you.