Author Topic: The Complete- 7d MLV Cinelog-C (ACR Method)  (Read 2258 times)


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The Complete- 7d MLV Cinelog-C (ACR Method)
« on: February 01, 2015, 02:41:16 AM »
Just a small promotional short for the surf/skate shop I work at that I filmed with my 7d in MLV format.Converted with MLRawViewer,imported to ACR to WB and adjust exposure then added the new Cinelog V3 profile to the footage, upscaled from 1728x972 to 1920,converted Cinelog V3 to Cinelog-C via OpenColorIO,then exported using GoProCine codec (still trying to find out if this is better than ProRess 4444 open to suggestions).Edited in Premiere where I added Kodak Vision 2383 Grade 1 that was graciously provided from Andy600 in the Lut Bank.Just did a few more tweaks and that was pretty much it.Filmed on a monopod and a table slider,and just used a Canon 85 1.8 and my Canon 35 1.8 L...had to use the warp stabilizer on some of the clips and it kinda did a weird little effect on 2 of the cropped shots. I just want to thank all the developers,testers,and this community for giving me the knowledge I needed to do more unique projects like this. Big shout out to Andy600 for the amazing new Cinelog-C upgrades and Lut stoked to try and get better...