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Started by nikfreak, January 15, 2015, 12:22:15 AM

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Seeing as Canon have clearly abandoned any hope of fixing the notoriously unreliable WLAN 'feature' - is there anything the ML firmware can do to help this?  Has anyone even got it to work reliably?  It seems to work more reliably with the camera creating the network, but nearly not at all with an external WLAN.

BTW great work on the firmware... really appreciate all the effort you put in...


Hi everyone,

I just installed ML for the first time on my 70D. Thank you for that amazing work. I'm writing here on this board because I have a problem, which I am not able to solve. I mainly installed ML to have the zebras and focus peaking options, but while it briefly displays overexposed and focused areas in previews after taking a picture, in Liveview the overlays don't seem to work. I guess I still have to activate an ML Liveview (at least my Liveview does not look like this) and probably this has been asked a couple of times but I couldn't find any info in this forum or anywhere else on the internet. I read somewhere, I should press 'info' but this only toggles through the standard canon options. Is there anything else I still need to activate? Thank you very much in advance.


 Hi all
Installed ML beta4 on FW 1.1.2, default settings, all add-ons modules disabled.
But after installation, the camera began to wake up a little bit longer - 0.5-1 sec.
The same as described here:
After complete removal of the ML by instructions (cleaning bootflag and format card) camera back to normal fast start.
This is a very small difference in the start, but annoying. Sometimes on streets scenes appear and disappear very quickly, and extra 0.5 seconds before focusing strongly interfere.
And it seems to me that it did not happen with the combination of FW 1.1.1 + beta3, but I don't sure.



I need some help. I bought a 70d off Craigslist. Whenever I try and take a picture I get error code 70. The previous owner had magic lantern and I believe this is what caused the use. I'm pretty sure the boot flag is set and I can't turn it off because the the camera's running firmware 1.1.1 and I only found downloads for 1.1.2. I tried updating to 1.1.2 but the camera just turns off when I do this. What can I do?


download is unavaillable ? can re-up pls

Canon EOS 50D

Hi everyone!
I'm considering purchasing a certain Canon EOS 70d on eBay, but I have a couple questions about magic lantern.

#1:  Does the fps overide work? I used this on my Canon 50D and it was exteremly helpful.
#2: How long can you record raw video on this? And, what are the raw recording resolutions?

Thanks in advance!  :)


I have enjoyed magic latern for the 70d for the abilities that I can use.

My question is will this ever be finished? its been over a year and i see a lot of newer cameras getting taken care of and little has been done with the 70d.

thank you for the reply... again thank you for all the hard work.

andy kh

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I have tested fps override, but the slowest is 24fps. how can i use slower shutter speed eg 1/10 (in Video Mode)?


Sorry but fps override is not enabled by default. It wasn't even enabled for the 1.1.1 firmware for a long time. We are now 1.1.2. Still fps override isn't included from download links in 1st post. If you are running custom builds then you need to harden 70D to only use timer A.
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Can the Canon 70D shoot 1920x1080 HDR video at 60fps using ML? If so, could someone please explain the steps?

Thanks so much,



Looking for some feedback on 70d with dual iso vs 80d. Can 70d with dual iso produce images with similar 80d DR at iso 100 or 200. Can I shoot like people are shooing with 80d i.e., exposing to highlights to preserve them and later push the shadows by 3 to 4 stops. That way, I can preserve highlight details and push 4 stops and show details in shadows as well with post processing.



Quote from: lf on December 26, 2016, 11:26:46 PM
Can the Canon 70D shoot 1920x1080 HDR video at 60fps using ML? If so, could someone please explain the steps?

Thanks so much,


Not possible.
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Hi, guys.
Can you tell me if there's any benefit to upgrading to the new 1.1.2 firmware?
I mean besides fixing the Lens aberration correction issue with those two EF-S lenses described in the release.
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Quote from: xsghost on December 27, 2016, 05:16:07 PM
Hi, guys.
Can you tell me if there's any benefit to upgrading to the new 1.1.2 firmware?
I mean besides fixing the Lens aberration correction issue with those two EF-S lenses described in the release.

Upgrading will mean you are able to run the latest versions of ML.


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Is the accuracy of the shutter count function in ML assumed to be correct?

The reason I ask is that I am getting my 70D ready to sell, and wanted to check the shutter count.

Looking at photos, the numbering indicated 8800.
If I look in Lightroom - where all my photos are stored, then the metadata view shows 7500 with 70D.
That sounds about right - I don't delete photos unless they are clearly taken in error or just plain bad (e.g. OoF)
I dont 'run and gun' - so 8800 over the last 3 years looked to be in the ballpark I was expecting.  (the 70D isn't my only camera)

But ML shutter count shows >19k + >3,5k live view. And I thought there's no way I have taken that many pics with it.

Hence my question.


Did you try one of those "camera shutter count" online services? What do they show to you?
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andy kh

I would love to downgrade to firmware 1.1.1 as face traking is much better with firmware 1.1.1 atleast in my test. I regret upgrading to 1.1.2
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1.1.1 was a pain in the *** to maintain due to the different firmware revisions.
For ML 1.1.2 was the best thing that could happen as it unifies the base. Unfortuntely Canon never released a 1.1.1 firmware for the public and I bet they won't make it available also upon your request. Downgrading is unfortunately not possible.

The 1.1.2 changelog didn't contain any changes listing modifications to focus features or facetracking. There has also nothing changed when ML was published for the 1.1.2. No features added / modfied / removed. Just the update necessary to support 1.1.2.

maybe try to reset all camera settings (if not aready done) and retry?
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andy kh

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hey Nick help
Looks like Dfort needs a 70D build for 10-12bit raw.
I tested his build but its MLV files do not work with mlv_dump does or the previewer.
Give his build a try, I found hack error when I recorded video as well.
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