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Started by nikfreak, January 15, 2015, 12:22:15 AM

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ShootMeAlready, why you don't use special settings for zoom in the camera menu?



If you want to reach 1920 or 2k, then you have to use 5X mode on the 70D.
For some reason when you select 5X, it jumps fps to 30 (or 60fps if your in a 60p canon setting).

At 1920 @ 2.35, if it maintained 24 fps, you could extend your record time to 17.5s, instead of 14s (in 30 fps).
You also get 2k @ 2.35 res. for pan type shots (where high res. is important).
Your highest res. will always be with 24fps.

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Why don't have fps overright on Canon 70d ????


Ok partially solved one problem.  For 10 bit raw, if you want to have liveview playback working
you need to copy to your ML->modules folder on your card.
*** It seems to work for one pass, but 2nd clip it hangs your camera ***
*** Looks like that its not initializing properly for 2nd clip ***

here is a link for those who want to download raw_twk:

The modules you need to enable include

pic_view    -- is needed for still pics.

However does not work for 12bit raw (perhaps an overload occurs???).  Still not ready for nightlies with this bug.

Still would like one more crucial fix to make this better, really need the 24 fps in 5X mode to enable highest res.
The other fix for same is variable frame rate for all modes, this is even better because now one could use frame rate for time-lapse video.

Perhaps I will try to build & debug, as this variable frame rate seems quite close. 
Need to free up some time.  Would also like to compare against other variable frame rate implementations.
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Another "problem" with silent shooting - in compare with classical photo with shutter - output from image liveview buffer is much more brighter, with less contrast, is it correct at such a big difference?

Walter Schulz


Quote from: ShootMeAlready on February 04, 2017, 10:08:41 PM
....Still not ready for nightlies with this bug.

I do not agree. raw_twk was never part of any of my provided builds. The features that are enabled in my PR indeed do work.
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out of 9, i can see only 2 mlv i shot.
Everything is recorded in mov format.
Hoping to see the final ML version for my 70D.


The basic issue with 10/12 bit raw video is that its not usable for a project unless
you can preview the clip on set.  This can be done with a 3X loupe off of LCD once
raw_twk (or its new improved replacement) supports preview. 
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I would like to ask whether it would be possible to toggle format settings based on wifi status.
To get you in the picture - I use thethered capture with RAW+JPEG and only JPEGs are sent to computer, to check photo in real time. But when not shooting home I use only RAW.
So if ML could read status of wifi (on/off) and depending on that change RAW/RAW+JPEG, it would be awesome
(No, I am not lazy, just keep forgetting to change settings)
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I'm kinda new to Magic Lantern, and I've just installed ML into my 70D.

When I'm using it on live view, the ML part kinda "stuttered"/"getting hiccups" as shown on the video below.

Is this normal? or it's something that should/could be fixed?


andy kh

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I check my camera model 70D everyday expecting to appear in "Supported Cameras" waiting  :) :)"

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   M'L' Has Been Functioning Quite Nicely on the 70D for a little over 2Years now -

Give it whirl, I suspect You'll Love it !

                     ORR ~ DeanB
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Sorry for writing in a disrespectful manner

I have tried ML on my 70d. I shot 9 videos (mlv) . But i found only 3. Its too buggy. The screen keep flickering and distracts. It will stop shooting video after 3 seconds .....and than you have to take ur battery out switch ur camera on thn maybe it records. My camera shoots MOVs only in the end. They are heavily compressed files. And so....the whole process consumes a lot of time, that i have decided to sell my 70d and save money to purchase 5D mk3 in future.


Hi !

I wanted to know if ML provides a clean HDMI out for canon 70D ?

And what about this progress (see link below), it will be possible to record raw at 1920*1080p, i mean "almost" continuous ?


P.S : sorry for my english !


hallo  :) :)
i want to thank MagicLantern am able to shoot raw on my 70D.
Copying a link of my video

i am more than happy believe me. i was so frustrated was planning to
sell my 70D in a day or two but the final try was like....on the target  :)
Now i dont care about FPS override.
30 is great :)
thank you again ML


Hey Kalamuni

14 bit raw video is continuous for 720p at 24 fps.
So fill up your sd card. Good for vlogging & demo clips.

10bit raw, once it gets LCD review working can shoot 90% of 1920 anamorphic (2:35)at 24 fps.

Until 80D gets the ML treatment, the 70D is best aps-c for raw video. 

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If  i am using 2 or more sd cards, pls tell me if they all must be ML installed ??

Walter Schulz

Top of page -> User Guide -> Install Guide



   What Walter said + Go to My -> Reply #2377 on: March 19, 2016, 05:12:21 AM ยป

for the Method that I prefer to use ~

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Dear Nikfreak, I have been using ML on my 70D since day one (ok, I waited a couple of weeks to let other's cameras explode first  ;D), and I just wanted to congratulate you for the amazing work.

My favorite function is the "one click to full zoom" in image review. My Canon 17-55 f/2.8 USM misses focus from time to time, and I appreciate being able to check quickly for focus. Although this ML feature wasn't probably the most time consuming one, it has been the most useful for me. Being quicker means that I can concentrate more on my subject rather than on the camera and get some shots that would have been lost otherwise.

I also like a lot the dot tune function for MFA. I even managed to use it handheld with acceptable results!

The various tweaks of the display in liveview and image review are also very convenient.

I do shoot video only on occasions, so I haven't used the raw video capability of ML. Recently, out of curiosity, I did a test and I was shocked to see how more detailed the footage was, even as compared to the highest resolution mode provided by Canon.

I just don't understand why Canon hasn't integrated this function in their software. If ML was a pay option, I am sure they would sell it like hot cakes. By the way, they have sold cameras because of ML.

So no feature request nor bug report in this message, just a big THANK YOU!!!


Need urgent help. I have installed ML on my 70d. Used dual iso functionality couple of times. Today I got some error. Nothing happens even after shutting down camera. I tried removing and putting battery back in. It is not turning on. I am not even using ML functionality today. I am just doing normal shooting without ML. It is dead. Any help in bring my camera back to life. Please help.

andy kh

Have you tried without memory card? If not try
5D Mark III - 70D


Hi Andy,
Thanks for the feedback. I was able to restart camera by removing card. But I ran into this problem again few mores times with 2 different cards. While using camera, sometimes camera hangs while writing to card (red light on).  It shows Err 80 on top lcd screen. I am able to restart by removing card and battery after some time. Now it is again dead completely. Not sure what I am doing wrong or is it a lens. I am using Sigma 17-50mm and 105mm macro lens.