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Started by nikfreak, January 15, 2015, 12:22:15 AM

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[size=8pt]70D.112 & 100D.101[/size]

andy kh

10/14 bit works but 12 bit dont work in my test. i can see all black in 12 bit recording. will do more test and report here.
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andy kh

Quote from: andy kh on January 06, 2017, 05:59:33 PM
i can see all black in 12 bit recording. will do more test and report here.

its not black in all shots. i get black video in some shots no matter i shoot in 10 bit or 12 bit but most of the shots are fine
5D Mark III - 70D


The is missing and needed to preview MLV 10/12 bit raw clips on the LCD. 
Ive taken one from Dec 23 Dfort 70D build, which works when copied into your ML module folder and enabled:
Does not reliably work.

Also need some clarity on the modules to load during testing.

Alex alluded that raw_rec and mlv_raw should not be loaded together. 

Is needed to test 10/12bit raw?

Notice 1920 @2:35, 24fps, 5X mode,  only works with Canon preview, got 440 frames (18s) at 10bit.

1824 @2:35, 24fps, regular mode max. res., at 10bit is near continuous (tested for 1min 41s but could have gone longer) - Yahoo!
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ML settings menu flickers on Canon 70D. It's very annoying. I'm eagerly waiting for next ML release with fix for this.
(I'm on canon firmware 1.1.2 and 26th Oct version of ML)

Roberto Mena

What is the RAW video recording time limit with the 70D because of its buffer size? With my 7D its the 4G limit which is way enough time to record a film scene with. But I know that most Canon models can only record about 10-15 seconds of continuous RAW video, does the 70D also have this time limit issue?


@Roberto Mena Re: 70D RAW video recording time limit -- Not if you set the card into exFAT and record in certain settings that allows for continuous recordings.
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Roberto Mena

@ DeafEyeJedi, this also pertains to the 70D? This guy on this youtube video says he can only get about 6-9 seconds of RAW video recording (close to 1080p) with his 70D and he even shows a chart that shows resolution vs time record times.

Walter Schulz

The chart visible at 11:19 seems to be correct and does not contradict anything DeafEyeJedi wrote.
What DeafEyeJedi wrote does not contradict anything shown in this chart.

Please be more specific when asking. You just asked about record times without giving any other (limiting) factors.
And 7D does seamless MLV recording well beyond 4 GB. But records exceeding 4 GB will consist of several chunks up to 4 GB in size.


Just wondering what's up with CONFIG_EDMAC_RAW_SLURP

I checked the commits and it was disabled July 7, 2015.  It states it causes Hot Pixels.
Is there any new test build we can use to check it out??? Any tests that Nik needs done to advance it?
It was pre-unified base merge and it seems to be crucial for 10/12 bit raw builds?

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The 10/12bit build I shared already has it enabled. What's the exact problem atm? In 2015 it was disabled again after some test builds as users reported sorts of "hot pixel" with it. As per the latest changes most new models now use the same channel.
[size=8pt]70D.112 & 100D.101[/size]


@ShootMeAlready -- Which build did you use for this? Be sure to try and use his latest from here.
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Hello! Thanks to all people who make ML!  :)
14/12/10 bit recording work great. No problem with MLVFS and DaVinci.

And some tests:

MLV sound on, overlays on, 25 fps, 10 bit, SanDisk 95MB/s:
1824*1026 (16*9) - 15s
1824*986 (1.85*1) - 18s
1824*912 (2*1) - 25s
1824*830 (2.20*1) - 45s
1824*776 (2.35*1) - 1m 22s

MLV sound on, overlays on, 25 fps, 12 bit, SanDisk 95MB/s:
1824*776 (2.35*1) - 23s

MLV sound on, overlays on, 24 fps, 10 bit, SanDisk 95MB/s:
1824*776 (2.35*1) - 2m 59s (strange, because according to writing speed there are no skip frame)


Gyro, what did you process your files with?
mlv_dump or another?

Post a link to any 10bit 1min+, and I notice with 12bit 2:35 @  24fps I was able to get about 28s.

Want to see how hot pixels are doing?  Try an ISO above 400 to check on that.

Are you seeing the MLV clips in the LCD?  I was not.
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I have been using this build for several weeks now on my 70D. I have used Magic Lantern on my T2i for several years now. The 70D build works great. When do you think it will become part of the regular nightly builds?


some tests (build from 2017-01-06 15:45:12):
lua api test - ok
stub api test - ok
quick test - ok edit: no error, no visible result, ends on some photo preview
small-block malloc test - ok (expected error in menu)
memory leak test - ok
redraw test - blank screen
rectangle test - ok
menu backend test - blank screen, status display blinks
srm memory test - with photo taking - err 80 (after two photos), without photo taking ok

this and older builds: sometimes is not possible switch on camera, I have remove card a battery for a few seconds, battery is sometimes discharged. random occurrence, not tested without ML.


So I tested with Jan06 build from Nik, 10 bit max. res. at 24fps.

The LCD liveview only works in Canon mode. All others Grayscale, & Hacked(s) dont support 10bit.
The LCD review clip, does not work only vertical coloured lines for 1824x776 (2:35 @ 24 fps).

Same for 1920x818.  I notice when I put camera in 5X mode, that fps goes from 24fps to 30fps. There is no way to set fps back to 24!

Not sure why some want to add this to the nightlies??? Am I missing something?

With my 600D I had to add to get LCD review screen to work with 10bit raw video???

Can use mlv_dmp to get DNG. Resolve will work with the DNG files but AE and Ppro wont.
Was going to try Adobe raw converter to see if it helps with the DNG.
Any success with AE or PPro on 10bit 1824x776 DNG files?
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    -Zebras: 100% OK
    -Focus Peak: difficult to set properly, but OK (not as good as sony alpha default one, but similar)
    - ....

#ERR1 impossible to start by half push of release shutter, because it overtake routine and make just one shoot. So only posibility to start continual pictures taking is "start after menu close"
Not only my problem:
#ERR2 When first Full res dng is taken, display goes black, impossible to interrupt back to system. (every button just make system busy - shown on the top display) Only way is to switch camera of and on again and immediately pres button where menu is binded or some another one to stop taking pictures.
Low resolution works perfectly, still picture on the screen, messages inform that file has been saved are shown everything OK, only FullRes does not work to me
#ERR3 During listing menu, defaul liveview without any HUD is flashing with period 7s (once per 7 seconds)

    -Bracketing: Not tested
    Included Modules
    - Raw_rec: Not tested
    - autoexpo: Not tested
    - ....

70D 1.1.2 user


Hello sorry if this question has been answer but im new and just downloaded the new build for the canon 70d with the new canon firmware and im getting the flickering effect on the lcd screen. Has there been a fix for that? thanks for the great work on this project :D

Walter Schulz

First page, first post -> Section "What's not working" -> First item.



   Give a more detailed description of the "Flickering Effect" You are seeing ~

                     ORR ~ DeanB
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Any progress on 10 bit raw, 5X mode, as we really need to be able to set 24 fps, to get max. resolution/duration.

currently when select 5X mode, it jumps from 24 fps to 30fps
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