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Update 02nd Oct 2017:
Please download latest builds from now on here:
Highly experimental builds are available here:


Provide a test report about functionality
What's not working
Removing / Uninstall

Read this before installing:

* If you decide to follow the installation instructions below then you do this on your own. Don't blame anyone later for what you decide to do to your own cam.
* Keep in mind that you are trying out a Beta Release. You will may encounter bugs but hopefully contribute back so that we will get it as stable as possible....
Installation Instructions:

* Download latest release for 70D firmware 1.1.2
* Extract the zip-file to the root of your sdcard
* Run the camera firmware update and read / understand / follow the on-screen instructions
* Restart your camera. Press trash button to access the ML menu. Welcome!
Removing Magic Lantern / Uninstalling

* Simply run the installer again and follow the onscreen instructions (Hint: watch the bottom screen line)Source Code:

Gotta Questions?
Do a forum search first.... Let's try to keep on topic. Don't spam my inbox  :P

Bug Reporting (fill in OK / Not OK {e.g. screen flickering or camera crashed while taking a shoot or ........}:
Don't report bugs on the official issue tracker. We can only do so after being rest assured we got a stable release and the necessary source code changes are merged in officially.
Keep in mind: We need to list bugs in a readable and provable way.

* Overlays
-Zebras: ____
-Focus Peak: ____
- ....
* Shoot
-Intervalometer: ____
-Bracketing: ____
* Included Modules
- Raw_rec: ____
- autoexpo: ____
- ....
* Other issues:
What's working:

* You tell me. Don't forget to report like instructed above (fill in OK)What's not working:
Check also Changelog history below for all details and disabled features...

* ML menu disappears/flickers after some seconds in Liveview / Movie mode (known bug, appears on 6D, too)
* Only fast zebras work (no raw zebras)
* FPS override is completely disabled
* Trap focus only works in photo mode (not Liveview). All other focus features are disabled (follow, rack, ...)
* Dualiso only works in photo mode (Looks like we are stuck in movie mode atm like 50D / 7D)
* Electronic level might freeze (read your Canon manual. By default Canon disables electronic level when FACETRACKING is enabled!! So don't use 'em together. Canon knows better  ;D )
* Bitrate modifcations (H264) are completely disabled
* Don't try to open Canon menu (read: Canon not ML) while raw recording. This will end up loosing your record!
* Disable "Beep" (or set "Touch to...") in Canon menu if you are using MLV_SOUND. Not following this advice will lead to ERR70 crash while mlv recording.
* ...there might be some other issues not listed here...
* You list me all bugs you find like instructed above (fill in Not OK and try to describe the problem as best as you can)Changelog (noteworthy ones only):
26th Oct 16: Beta-4a

* synched with main tree (unified)
* support only firmware version 1.1.2. Please download from Canon's website if you are still running firmware version 1.1.1.
* Dropping hereby support for previous builds based upon fw Apr 16: Beta-3c

* synched with main tree (unified)
* Check source for details8th Mar 16: Beta-3b

* synched with main tree (unified)
* Check source for details22th Dec 15: Beta-3

* synched with main tree (a1ex merged some PR's into unified)
* Check source for details26th Nov 15: Beta-2b

* re-enabled arrow shortcuts as requested (use metering button as instructed in help menu). Note: arrow shortcuts are restricted to movie mode.
* re-enabled rec indicators as requested (same method as seen on 5D3)
* disable touch in ML menu overlay (probably caused some issue while using quick zoom -> got enough buttons so let's use them solely in ML menu)
* some smallies...15th Nov 15: Beta-2

* Bleeding edge: refreshed, merged and compiled latest changes from unified source
* movie restart for 70D.111B fixed (was working on A)22th Aug 15: Beta-1

* Re-enable HDR video and Gradual exposure (was disabled last release)
* Disable fpsoverride (fallback to apex units)
* Re-enable battery info (percentage...)
* Check source code for all changes....15th Aug 15: Alpha-7b "ICEMAN"
Build feels pretty solid to me. No requests for new features please. Only bug reports!
Download Alpha-7b "ICEMAN" (re-added as per request) but keep in mind I only want the thread discussions to focus on the latest release

* Fix MLV Sound
* Enable Audio meters
* Enable Audio Remote Shots
* Enable movie rec key button assignment
* Enable movie cropmode selection from ML menu
* Disable buggy focus features: Follow Focus, Focus Stacking, Rack Focus. [Trap focus is still there]
* Disable non-working HDR Video and Gradual Exposure
* Disable non-working Dual Iso support in movie mode
* Disable Arrow shortcuts (wasn't happy with the solution implemented)
* Check source code for all changes....8th Aug 15: Alpha-7a2

* FPS-Override: You can slightly increase FPS now (results differ in PAL/NTSC and you should check 24p /30p / zoom modes, too)6th Aug 15: Alpha-7a

* Re-enabled focus features (Hint: be sure to check especially this post)
* Fixed zoom to af point
* Disabled edmac raw slurp -> ByeBye reported hot pixels
* take a look @source link on bitbucket for all details and also check "what's not working"13th Jul 15: Alpha6b

* Reminder:
* Moving focus box in manual mode should work (plz test)
* Please delete ML directory on your sdcard before using Alpha_6b. I want to be rest assured there are no leftovers from previous versions
* removed non-working fps features to avoid confusions / unnecessary discussion. We are able to decrease fps value (read: not increase)
* removed raw zebras (caused problems in liveview and quickeview
* FIR installer: renamed
* take a look @source link on bitbucket for all details31st May 15: Alpha6

* Removed all  focus and also fps features (see comments on butbucket for details)
* EDMAC_RAW_SLURPING implemented. This cleaned up debug-messages a lot. We had some kind of a loop til now. Temperatures better now? What about reported hot pixels?? What about battery consumption??? No placebo reportings please. Either measured or none
* Removed custom compiled cr2hdr version from this post
* take a look @source link on bitbucket for all details23rd Apr 15: Alpha5b

* Updated download link for 70D_111B only (minor update with 2 stub-fixes and fw signature update)21st Apr 15: Alpha5

* Check above linked 70D-merge branch on bitbucket for all details...
* Again a new firmware installer with more enhancements (checks for cam model like A / B
* Finally both known firmware revisions are supported. Installer will tell you which version to use. Don't worry...14th Mar 15: Alpha4b

* New firmware installer. Allows for easy installing / uninstalling ML
* Latest committs from ML repo cherry-picked. a1ex was on a run again  :P10th Mar 15: Alpha4

* Properties are enabled now. Understood and accepted this red marked warning from above? 5 private testers (including me) reported that nothing broke til now
* Dual ISO included (reported as working for photos only by private testers). Download contains custom cr2hdr versions for windows (thx Audionut). You need to use those.
* DotTune Autofocus Micro Adjustment included
* MLV recording included
* Experimental full-resolution silent pictures included
* Fix for wrong temperatures being showed
* Raw diagnostics module included. Got time to read and contribute?11th Feb 15: Alpha3

* fps-override now experimentally available (ugly but available at least. Be sure to use fps overrides only in 1080p 25fps PAL mode. Don't report other modes as buggy, I know that). "HighJello-FastTv" should be able to set whichever desired fps from 0.X to 25fps. All others like "exact fps, low light" won't go below 16.666. In rare cases it might happen that you need to disable and re-enable fps-override to get it working. You may also encounter that you might need to switch from MV / LV to photo mode and back to get it working...
* Trap focus is working again (didn't work with Alpha2)
* Lens should report correct focal length now
* Buggy features have been disabled
* Overall stability and smoothness28th Jan 15: Alpha2

* powersave and dot-tune related fixes (see source) 19th Jan 15: Alpha1

* Intervalometer, Trap Focus, Motion Detect should work now. Rebased on fullres-silent-pics branch (see source)15th Jan 15: Alpha0

* Initial release

Lets keep this thread on topic please.  Magic Lantern for the 70D.

Anything related to raw video should go in this section.
Raw Video Postprocessing.
Hardware and Accessories for cards, card speeds, what card should I buy, what card is fastest, what card helps me lose weight, monitors for raw recording, dollys, you get the picture.

If it's not directly related to the 70D port, post it somewhere else.  nikfreak has done excellent work learning about ML and making the development progress to port ML to the 70D, he doesn't need to navigate through pages of offtopic banter to continue his efforts.


Hi guy Just to see if I understand. If my cam is not compatible, I'll get a black screen or blank whatever... in this  case i have to use Eoscard utility and my cam will work again normally  or will be compatible  with Alpha ML?

Format the card using a cardreader and wait for things to become compatible.

--- Quote ---If you couldn't install the firmware (black screen / forced to pull out battery to get cam working....) it means you got an unqualified cam (see Intro section above) and you have to wait. Don't panic your device will get supported asap (No ETA. It's done when it's done...). Don't blame me for not being able to install ML onto your 70D.
--- End quote ---

Updated the first post....


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