Author Topic: Canon T2i ML 2.3 - LED Screen: light dark light dark at 3 sec. intervals  (Read 1727 times)


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I have a Canon T2i that I use in movie mode. I recently started using ML 2.3. I was having some battery issues and through the frustration or swapping batteries, turning the camera on and off many times I might have shut the camera down improperly and thereby screwed up my Magic Lantern (?) I have heard that this can happen. Everything seems to be working fine but when ML is active upon startup my LCD screen cycles from a proper display to a very much darker one then back to the proper one and so on. It happens at approx 3 second intervals and I have no idea what could be causing this. Id I bypass ML upon startup the LCD functions as normal so I believe that it is related to ML.

I also just noticed that if I attempt to record and playback video with ML active the playback is like a rapid flashing strobe light.

I am very new to ML so I have no idea how to address this. Any thoughts on this?


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Sounds like you enabled 'HDR Video'. Reset all ML settings. Also consider updating to a more recent version: