Install 2.3 on 60D - FONTS.DAT not found

Started by Digital Guy, July 09, 2012, 09:37:28 AM

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Digital Guy

On Canon 60D I have:
Updated Canon firmware 1.1.1 then rebooted
Set camera to M
Formatted 8GB in camera
Unzipped ALL files to root of SDHC
Selected "Firmware...." then I get FONTS.DAT not found


Previously was running ML Dec22 with no problems

Question: "When you say ALL files" do you mean to include all the FIR and PDF files?
Magic Lantern v2.3 installed on both Canon 60D's with 17-85 & 10-22 & 18-250mm lenses. Canon EOS-M EOSM-FD adapter. Crazy about HDR timelapse photography, I'm experimenting with HDR video and use Sony Vegas Pro 12 video editor and Photomatix Pro



I had the same problem. I instead of taking everything out of ml folder, put the ml folder on the card as well as your firmware