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Re: 5DII - Focus Peak Not Working
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With greatest thanks to Walter and dmilligan for their patience a perseverance while dealing with a person who apparently can't see something so simple, I herewith put the solution as I understand it:

Problem: Focus Peak isn't working on a 5DmkII. Global Draw is ON for all modes, Focus Peak is On with any of the sub settings selected, and still no Focus Peaking indicators on the Live View Screen.

What is happening:  the overlays can be toggled on and off via a Canon firmware toggle built into the INFO button, but only when Live View is engaged.

Solution: engage Live View, hit the INFO button until you can see the overlays you want to see. There are four choices:

1. No overlays, just the bottom bar showing base info of exposure, frames available, ISO, battery and audio setting.
2. All of the above, plus the Canon icons for most of what shows up in the Quick Control screen.
3. All of above #1 &2 plus a huge histogram.
4. None of the Canon stuff, just the ML info you've selected to be shown, all nice and tidy in the top and bottom cropping bars. As shown in the image above. If I had AF turned on, the focus points would be shown as well.

Walter & dmilligan, please add anything you see fit. And greatest of thanks again.

Now, back to editing, but tomorrow, my first experiments with RAW video capture on a 5DmkII!

And Walter - send a link to OSF to me at Rich ....  At .... YourVideoSCV  ... dot... com I did a search and didn't find them. Way sorry to hear about your colleague and have been in similar situation here.