Author Topic: Atomos Ninja Blade Tripod and Shoulder Rig Adventures  (Read 3017 times)


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Atomos Ninja Blade Tripod and Shoulder Rig Adventures
« on: April 01, 2014, 02:36:47 AM »

Thought I would share my trials with the Atomos Ninja Blade.

The Blade is a great high resolution monitor in its own right with a nice recording function built into boot. This makes showing clients what you have just shot easy. It also allows for the creation of proxy files with sound if you hook up a mic or send the headphone out from the Canon (Mini Jack). This makes post a great deal easier as when you have your Raw files and external sound its a pain in the ….. to sync the files manually. Having the proxy files with sound synced up already allows you to use PluralEyes to match your raw footage and external sound. There, much faster!

I also use an Okii MC1 That I Picked up cheap on Eebay, this works as a usb trigger to start and stop recording, It works great with the 5D mkiii without magic lantern running but won't start the Blade when ML is running, the 5D starts recording raw but the signal doesn't seem to get to the Blade to tell it to start

If any of the Devs are reading this do you know why the HDMI signal to start the Blade doesn't function when ML is running?

Here are 2 other pics of the shoulder a rig and also the OKii MC1

P.S. These rig are just for testing to see if I can get things working how i want, so yes Im aware I have a Battery Grip and and Anton Bauer Dionic 90 hooked up. I don't have all the cables needed to run everything off the Dionic 90 at the moment, when I do though hopefully it will go all day!


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Re: Atomos Ninja Blade Tripod and Shoulder Rig Adventures
« Reply #1 on: December 09, 2014, 10:33:49 AM »
Any updates?