Raw Canon Camera Settings 720/1080 Question

Started by ThankMeLater, November 23, 2014, 01:55:39 PM

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Hey guys,

i allways had the the original canon settings set to 1920/1080p 30fps when shooting raw.

My Problem was:

I can only choose 1280x720 to record coninously as a result of the neede writing speed. (using a 700d)
In liveview and on my computer , I allways get a cropped picture. I can never use the full range of my lenses. ( black space on the top, buttom and sides)

But now i figured out, that when i choose 720p in canon menu i can choose higher resolutions (1728x516 continuously) and finally get a non cut video out of it  !

This seems to be the case , as the writing speed needed is much lower when set to 720p in canon menu in comparison to 1080p.

So my question is.

How can the canon settings for resolution have an influence on the raw recording as the resolution is set right in the ML menu. And do i loose quality if the canon menu is set to 720p in comparison to my "cropped" video if set to 1080?

Thanks  :)