Canon 6D fundraiser for the devs

Started by lingaroomagic, November 06, 2014, 08:35:37 PM

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Hi everyone, I've put in the first £20

If everybody puts in a little bit, we might be able to raise enough to buy the devs a 6D body!

Seems like it's been an awful long time they have been working blind, so please donate!

Walter Schulz

May I ask which developer opted to do the work?
And please don't get me wrong: You're new here and your first action is a fundraiser?


This is sketchy

Shouldn't a developer agree to do it, and then he accept the donations himself, instead of you? You could be anybody, what proof do we have that you will actually give the money/camera to a developer.

It's great that you want to help, but fundraising should be initiated by the developer(s). We can only assume that this is fraudulent, and a moderator should delete this thread (and this one too).


Reminds me of this southpark episode

Season 18 episode 1
"Go Fund Yourself"



Uhm.. Me, audionut and coutts all have 6Ds. 6D113 is 90% similar to 5DIII 113
AFAIK 6D is "missing" exactly:
Bit Rate Controls
Audio Controls

from ML main. The most oft complained about issue was the menu closing which happens from the canon dialog and is likely a result of internal timers. The wifi isn't fast enough to do anything constructive with it. What exactly would another 6D accomplish?


nikfreak also.

Nice initiative, but please leave funding to those actively involved in the project, thanks.