Author Topic: How can i convert MLV files to DNGs when i have also 8 small M00 to M08 files  (Read 2432 times)


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first, i have tried to search the forum, but with no results.. there are soo many different topics, but i can not find this one. it´s a shame that i do not know it anymore (cause i had such a problem once before)

today i had a video shoot, some of my files are mlv´s with 8 small additional files (m00, m01, m02, m03, m04, m05, m06, m07 and m08)
is there a workflow to convert this shot to normal dngs? i think one such package was created when the card was suddenly full.

thx for all your time, and hope to read an answer soon,
greets swinxx


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Are they 0 sized? If so, ignore them.
If they are larger than that, any converter you find on this site should handle them with no problem.


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thank you, i will try it out.

greets. swinxx


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that happens to me when recording gets cut short because the card has filled. usually those shots come out messed up. you can try using mlrawviewer for it