Author Topic: Massive thanks to ML : 100% ML RAW (almost...) night climbing movie  (Read 1462 times)


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This post is a huge thank you to ML developpers, testers, contributors for providing such a powerfull tool to us filmmakers.

To keep things short, our last project (and biggest so far) wouldn't have been possible without ML RAW capabilities.
Our partners and sponsors helped us a lot, but climbing world is nowhere near providing budget for professional gear renting. We shot at night in Paris (city lights) and in Fontainebleau forest (various cinema lights setups). So extra stops and color correction capabilities were not a luxury...

We used a Canon 5d MKIII with ML RAW for 95% of the shots. The only exception are the slo-mo shots (Sony FS 700).
For editing and post processing, we used Ginger HDR on Adobe Premiere. Simple, easy and reliable.

After shooting one tera of data with ML RAW, we've had 3 corrupted file (on around 300). 1% of problems. And that was with early fall 2013 builts... Simply amazing !

Here's a link to it :
Hope you'll enjoy, and thanks again !

Clément Perotti,
Sandstones Media.