MLP - Mac OSX batch processing workflow (former cr2hdr-r)

Started by Danne, October 05, 2014, 04:09:34 PM

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Just got home and was anxious to get my hands on 8.9 -- however after reinstalling it twice (just to be sure it wasn't a bug) but it could be and apparently once I start the speed_preview after placing the 3 logs in batch_folder from Dan_log_luts folder per your suggestion via tutorial and it produces two DNG's files but then it randomly stops before spitting out png's.

Hopefully this is an error on my part instead and maybe you can point me into the right direction?
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Im on a cellphone. Cant really see :).
I reuploaded a late fix some hours ago. Male sure it, s the latest download. No spaces or dots In the folder name.I, ll check your movie when home again.
Thanks for feedbacks.


Yep, just downloaded it from first post 20 minutes ago and was using the same folder/files that I had tested with previously which worked fine but not with 8.9 -- no worries & no rush!

I can wait on it... Thanks again for this awsome feature with update and it'll be worth the wait for the gold rush!

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Tried reproduce but couldn,t. If you double-click install.command, does it say ffmpeg is missing or ffmpeg exists?

* For now preview function don,t work when using spaces and punctuations(dot) in the folder name.



Downloaded 9.1 (Thanks for the reminder) and I'm impressed with how quick the previews actually come up... Great Job!

I tried running the same speed preview in HDR folder -- is this not to be expected to work because I tried it and it doesn't do the trick - normal?

I think I used both .MOV and RAW in HDR and neither didn't spit out any png's...

Currently testing out the align sharpening for HDR .mov files again with 9.1 -- Thanks again, D!
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Thanks for sharing workflow and testing. I think mlv files will work in HDR folder. MOV files works outside and it is really not a priority. I only kept it in there out of laziness :).
Regarding RAW. SInce mlv_dump has the ability to determine how many frames to extract I can stop after lets say ten files but with raw I have to simply kill the terminal process. I have put it to stop at 0.5s. When it comes to HDR files I select frame 9 and 10 and if the raw file hasn,t extracted up to at least ten frames it won,t have any files to work with. Maybe I have to set it to extract for one whole second instead of 0.5s.


Version 9.2
Extended preview RAW to 1 second extraction before terminating process. Shoud now work on lazy ;) computers extracting/creating a HDR preview.
Also added automated inclusion of CR2 files when running .cube files from batch folder for correct white balance.

* Version 9.3

-Add up to 20 luts simultaneously to your files in PRORES folder. Up to 10 luts in HDR_RAW_MLV_MOV folder.

-Removed hardcoded lut to HDR files


Version 9.4

- Readded possibility to change settings to the image by adding commands to the generated png preview. Following information is provided in the lut_lab folder which is copied to location from when speed_preview service is run the first time.

"Regarding generated png files.

Ability to change following settings directly in the generated png file. You can add all three settings to the same png file. Just keep the png file when running cr2hdr-r while creating prores files.


b-10 to b10



White balance

w01 to w20




denoise01 to denoise10

example_01(less denoising)

example_02(more denoising)


Man.. the icing on the cake just never ends, doesn't it? If it ain't too sweet, then it ain't enough. If it ain't broke, then it hasn't meet it's potential (not if it ain't broke, don't fix it).  8)

Just downloaded Version 9.4

Looking forward to playing with your new features re: B.W.D. commands --  do I still type in the word 'sharpenalign' at the end of the file on top of directory or is that not needed any longer?

Thanks a bunch, D!
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Still work in progress :)
Version 9.6

- speed_preview now works with brightness and white balance commands

- added previews for CR2 files. Good for creating lut base working with highres still images

- added MOV and other formats that might work. Try out and see what works. Will export one frame to jpg

From txt info file in lut_lab folder

When using speed_preview for generating previews, if you want to use brightness or white balance settings simply write the command straight to a MLV/RAW file

Will generate this png

Keep it when you want to run the PRORES transcoding and it will pick this particular file to go with the original MLV."


I seem to forget how to apply more contrast within the luts to use for .png speed preview??

excuse for my noobness...

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To get control over lut looks you start with the logs to see what is good. You can add up to ten in the batch folder. Throw one out that you like and then continue with filling the batch folder with all the contrast luts. Mixing logs and luts in the batch folder won,t do the trick ;)

Two step operation to achieve a base look. Check the vid again.


Sorry got bad news on my end... totally my fault as I was trying to clean up my external drive to place the original MLV files back into another folder in order to make room for another test run and somehow I accidentally deleted all the MLV's (not knowing) and emptied the trash on the OS X system -- I've just tried to recover the MLV files through 'DiskDrill' app that I have but no luck yet so far. Such a shame on me! (though I am confidence I'll get those precious files back!)

Good thing I have all the DNG's already converted somewhat properly and will have to stick with these merciful DNG's -- whew such a lifesaver you are, Danne, huh?

Imagine If I had only been using MLFVS... I would have been very upset and depressed for a quite while... such a devastating feeling losing loads of MLV files is like burning your films in a barrel of fire!

Anyway here's a quick sneak peak from one of my favorite Dual-ISO files...

Watch how much more DR I can gain with Dual-ISO (plus using ND.9 filter) on 16-35L II wide open in 29.97fps @ ISO 100/1600 along with the use of Cinelog-C in post (Thanks @Andy600) and here's the workflow as it follows:

cr2hdr-r 2.2 > AE (Smart Import 2 w Cinelog-C) > FCPX (used @Danne's LUT's plus Eastman from @Andy600's -- all three combined) for a contrasty decent warm filmic look...

Thanks for 9.7 and will definitely check it out!

Question... if I no longer have the MLV files to convert... am I allowed to run newer version with converted DNG's just to fix whatever needs to be fixed or is it already baked in?
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Sorry to hear about the loss of mlv files.
Cr2hdr-r works with mlv/raw files so dng sequences will have to be run in outside NLE.


no worries. Check out this clip below. Nice Dual ISO combine with your LUTS and Andy's...

I'm just trying to narrow down this so called bug when it won't go by each sequence folder after each ACR settings applied (adjust exposure & apply Cinelog-C) but instead it just keeps popping up ACR for me to adjust by each DNG frame by frame as oppose to Folder by Folder from each MLV... does this make sense?

It works great if I use MLVFS (tho I confirmed in exiftool that both cr2hdr-r & MLVFS seem to spit out 16-bit dng's but not sure if that's the factor here?)

I'll shoot a screen flow of what Im talking about when I can...

Once Smart Import 2 works with sequence folders then this workflow would be champ and yet so safe to use!

Thanks again for everything bro!


It looks promising with the recovery of MLV's in progress... Special Thanks to Disk Drill!  8)

Stay calm. Foam Party!
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Script problems might be related to dng meta tags. Mlvfs runs cdng with tags categorized differently from dng files coming from mlv_dump and raw2dng. It is just guessing here. Think you have to investigate further.


It is definitely related to the dng meta tags. Still have to investigate furthermore.

Meanwhile I wanted to share some fun stuff from using 2.3 with 70D files.

70D MLV Cinelog-C (Koji Sony SLog3Sgamut3Cine to SLog2709 2383 + @Danne's customized LUT's)
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Ran 2.4_fm (Thanks for that!) and love the fact that I can check out previews of dng's files within the directory while it's rendering.

It sang beautifully well and once it was all done,  packed and organized nicely (very handy!) and opened AE...

It was one of the best feelings in the world especially after waiting for literally like two good years (my fault on that) to get this remarkable app of yours to mate well with Smart Import 2!!! LOL

Now I owe you a REAL drink, or two.

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hehe, thanks for sharing. It,s always good to see good use of the nice tools from the great ml coders and that my scripting at last start to work and give some nice results ;).


version 9.8 and version 2.4

- Added CR2 white balance support also for dual iso movie files. This works for files in the parent folder only.

It is supposed to be sort of intuitive in that sence that cr2hdr-r will always pick the CR2 file photographed closest to your mlv/raw file. This means you can have a bunch of CR2 files in the folder, it will still choose the one still image you took right before starting filming.

* You can mix dual iso files and non dual iso files when using CR2 workflow. Don,t mix raw/mlv files if you want the right CR2 to be picked.

version 9.9 and version 2.5

- Added auto white balance to dng files if no CR2 file is added. It adds auto wb multiplier generated from dcraw.

version 10.0

-Added ability to include xmp files. They are stashed in the dan_log_3d_luts folder which is copied to folder when using the speed_preview as preview service. Include one xmp and some parameters will be applied when viewing the dng files in acr. Only the first files will have a different setting from the xmp. Not all.


Thanks, D for implementing the ability to use xmp files to generate certain looks created in ACR... totally nice!

Will report feedbacks after more in depth testings.
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- as it snaps the xmp next to the mlv/raw file and applies this to the first dng file nine more alternatives are created.
Good or bad? Should it only use the first one?
Also. Should the xmp apply to all the dng files or only the first? It, s all a matter of a little extra time it will take for it to be added. AE I believe only needs the first file in a sequence.


Alternatives as in what are being used based on the sliders in ACR? (is that what you meant?)

If so, I think it's a useful feature. I'm looking at the ProRes file spitting out from beta 10 and I was surprised how close (or spot on) it looks from the adjustments that I made in ACR would show up on movie file without any flickering -- AWESOME!

I think you are correct that it only needs to be applied to one DNG per MLV... because I just tested out by opening the DNG sequence folder spitted out by beta 10 in AE with Smart Import 2 and it worked like a charm!

I was surprised to see that once the DNG file opens up and I looked at the ACR with all settings at "0" even tho I notice that colors are what was applied from previous .xmp file being used from version 10 (but doesn't show up on ACR during 2nd time) while doing this test on AE.

Maybe it's not that important since it was already applied from the first time using your app. right?  :P

This new addition feature of yours with being able to read xmp files sure would help us to skip AE which can save us time.

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xmp feature only works in parent folder, not with ProRes.


Oh right duh that makes sense -- will run it again and thanks for the double clarification that I supposedly missed.

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