What to buy for raw video?

Started by Intenditore, September 23, 2014, 11:38:16 PM

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I'm planing to buy used (or maybe new) camera for raw video. Can't decide where to go. Main options - 50D and 7D. Don't know what is better. One concern is that 50D have no mice or mice input. I now there's some way to add it by yourself, but didn't find any info. With 7D there's another problem. As I know it can't record higher than ~1740 pixel wide. Is this true?
Actually, I wanted to buy 6D. But it's ruined ergonomics and lack of CF slot makes me not sure does it worth it? Also I could not find info does it record 1920p raw?
Or will you mabe suggest to leave all that thoughts and buy BMPCC?)

I'm familiar with ML, I'm simply pretty new to raw video and really need advice of experienced user :)


Don't forget about the 5D2  :D it's better then those 2 camera , that if it in your choices of course.
I was thinking of up grading my 5D2 but after working with it on ML Raw, I can't imagine not using it.
I think it has the best image (Clean no Noise) next to the 5D3 for Raw video that is.
The 7D has APS-C size sensor http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/APS-C#mediaviewer/File:Sensor_sizes_overlaid_inside.svg
so yes "1728" in 1:1 where as 50D need to be in crop mode to get HD size & no audio.
5D2 full sensor 1872 or 1856 1:1 depending on how old the build is (1872 died after feb '14)
Audio, stable HDMI for monitoring/recording, just my 2 cents worth .



The BMPCC is made for raw video and has a native sensor resolution of 1920 x 1080, so no upscaling and no line skipping.
A used 5dII (probably the same price as a new BMPCC) needs a little upscaling and expect some lineskipping artifacts.
But then again, with the right software you can upscale it and nobody will notice, and some software can get rid of most of the line skipping artifacts.

Are you gonna be payed for shooting raw video, or is it just for fun ?


Guys, thanks a lot for answers! I took a pause and now decided to go with one camera for regular video and photo (used 5D2 or 7D) and another aimed to raw (BMPCC, probably). Thanks for help!  :)


Why not just get a 5D3 and be done with it?


The video it shoots without ML is just terrible. One of worst in Canon lineup. And it's also very expencive(


I thought you were looking for raw video? 
Lets agree to disagree about the standard recording quality.   :P

5D3 is around the same price as 1 used camera, and 1 BMPCC.  Personally, I would prefer one piece of equipment, rather then two.  Also, the 5D3 is better for stills.