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Started by coryaycock, September 26, 2014, 03:44:37 AM

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Today I was taking photos, and after changing to a new battery, all of my photos started coming out much darker than when previewing in Live View.  I asked this question once previously and was told to turn On 'Expo. Overide' and turn off 'FPS Overide', which I did, and it worked fine until today for some reason. 
I am using Nightly Build with the 7D.  Can you think of any reason why this would start doing this?



Ok, well I turned off 'Expo. Override' and turned on 'Auto exposure', which works for me atleast for the time- being.  I changed batteries earlier today and for some odd reason after that all the pictures were significantly darker than when previewing in Live View.  I had to give the client a discount and tell him I'd fix it in photoshop....never has happened before.


What about ExpSim and LV Display Gain? Or better, post your entire delta menu.

(Auto Exposure should not affect the preview, not sure why you used it here)


Hard to tell if exposure is correct by looking at the live view display.
Display brightness, sunny day, many things have effect on how bright or dark an image appears on the camera display.

Just wondering, do you check the histogram after you've taken a photo  ???
What program do you use on the dial, Av, Tv, P, M ?
Could even be an exposure adjustment setting in Canon menu.


LiveView normally matches the taken picture - that's what the thread is about.

- extreme darkness
- when using a flash
- when ExpSim is off
- when FPS override is on
- when Display Gain is on
- when Expo Override is used in modes other than M
- Canon bug with manual lenses (LiveView too dark)


Ok, thanks A1ex!  I turned on Expo. Override and ExpSim (both) and that took care of the problem.

Still not sure what happened while shooting today, but it's working now!