does shooting RAW wear out a sensor

Started by chriss, September 26, 2014, 09:57:30 AM

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I am just getting into DSLR for planetary and deep space (eventually) imaging.  Maybe this question better applies to those shooting longer continuous video. 

On my t2i, I notice some over heating when shooting continuous video.  Does this wear down the sensor?  If I were to upgrade to a 5d MIII, should I be concerned about the life time of the camera if I am using it regularly for RAW video shots?  How about a lesser camera such as the T2i?



AFAIK there is no data availiable about sensor wearout.
But it won't make a difference which cam you use. I think in theory it may make a difference because of sensor size and temperature but in real life?

Some people use additional cooling devices for astronomie with DSLR to reduce noise.