Question: RAW workflow with Cinestyle

Started by prydabg, September 26, 2015, 08:22:19 AM

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Not sure if this is the correct forum to ask this but here it goes. I'm shooting video with a Canon 700D with the latest firmware and nightly build of ML using the Cinestyle profile. As I convert the raw files using the raw2dng_cs2x2 (any of them) the dng files lose their "flat" colour. Instead, it's very yellowish and warm which makes it close to impossible to grade. I get better results using the raw2cdng 1.7.4 combined with the pink dot remover. I'm just wandering if there's a better workflow? I've seen very beautiful videos and was wondering how one could achieve that. I'm also using Neat Video for noise reduction. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks


Hi,  when you record raw you are  bypassing all possessing so picture styles are not applied. You have to set the white balance to the same value used when recording,  some editors read that data automatically.


Cinestyle is only for h.264 clips; if you apply one of those profiles the camera will show it to you onscreen but they never apply for raw pictures or raw clips. What you have to do is get a Cinestyle LUT or similar and install it in your editing o color correction program. Search for VisionLog, Cinelog, they were created for ML raw clips


Cinelog-C is definitely a must have... Their products have been serving me well!
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Ahh... So that's the case. Thank you guys so much! I'll definitely do that! No wonder Luts looked terrible! Cheers!