Son of Batch MLV -Mac Batch convert Magic Lantern MLV to DNG+Prores

Started by derkiki, April 05, 2014, 04:28:16 AM

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Pm me with your email adress, i'll send Son of Batch MLV -Mac Batch convert  to you.


Since Son of Batch MLV may be long overdue and not sure if it has the proper color matrices included that usually comes directly from MLV files which is very valuable for color grading in post... so I wouldn't use this regardless of how nice it may seem unless I'm told otherwise. (Perhaps I should give myself a shot at it and compare w other decent converters?)

Does anyone know if this does in fact include the proper matrices like now it does with @dmilligan's MLVFS?
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Thanks for your kind offer jpjp ... but will wait to see what the replies are to DeafEyeJedi about colour with mlv.


For those looking, Son of Batch has been reposted (not by the original author).


Direct download:

Not a new version. All the same issues. But it deserves a live link somewhere  :o
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