Even better LUT then Hunters Alexa LUT.

Started by allemyr, September 25, 2014, 09:06:19 AM

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I'am very happy today because i finally really got awesome quailty on my vimeo videos link here
I just used Hunters LUT. But I wonder if there might be a new even better one out there now.
I've tried Cinelog but I'am not very happy with it. Maybe I will try use a Alexa like workflow.

Kind Regards!

/ Karl Allemyr



Check out VisionLOG

It will actually make your image much flatter, but then you apply one of the Osiris or Impulz LUTs and everything goes BOOM!


Thank you very much! i've used the M31 lut but haven't looked at their sith recently. Thanks for this awesome tip!



Just want to update the thread a bit.

I think it will take a while since I make another big improvement on my colorgradingworkflow so I post a little update.

I still use RAW2CDNG 1.6.5, Davinci Resolve some CC done with Kodak 2393 LUT on the last node, export proxies to Premiere Pro and do my edit.
I then send back an XML file to Davinci Resolve and use Colortrace to get back to the grade I made before exporting proxies.
Tips in Davinci Resolve is to use BMD film 4K with Highlight recovery, and settings like this, try it, you might like it, I often use a amount of 60 in the shadows parameter, 99.5 is a bit extreme.
Midtone detail is a way to get a clean look not like a HDR image may look like.

When I'am done in Davinci I export out a 10bit Blackmagic clips, with noisereduction plus another XML to Premiere Pro.
I do often export a 1920x818 fake anamorphic so I can reframe my shots a bit.
I usually upload Prores 422 or Prores 4444 to Vimeo since I think that is whats looks the best.  :D

My YearMix 2015, maybe not the most exciting sequence but I sort of like the intense colors anyhow.


Best Regards!

Karl Allemyr, Sweden