The raw post processing sticky thread. Tuturials, apps and other useful threads

Started by Audionut, September 25, 2014, 07:14:09 AM

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A list of threads that contain tutorials or other useful information.

DaVinci Resolve 12 and ML Raw
Workflow using MLVFS and After Effects
Tutorials for Beginners: Davinci Resolve 10 Lite
After Effects importing 23.976 fps as 30 fps
None destructive raw workflow for Premiere using After Effects and Dynamic Link
60fps -- RAW video Post-Processing Workflow
GoPro CineForm Studio Premium/Pro Settings for 5D3 RAW Video
How to replace file footer, aka fix the Error: This ain't a lv_rec RAW file
Salvaging Pink Crazy DNGs
Preventing Color/Luma Shifting When Processing DNGs in Adobe Camera RAW
RAW Video: PostProcessing -- Beginners Guide --

If I am missing any tutorials, or you create your own, fell free to post about it in this thread, and I can add a link in this post.

Please also read The sticky to end all stickies. Read this first.

All applications that have stickied threads in this section are open sourced.  Magic Lantern prefers open sourced applications, as they fit within the open sourced nature of this project.

A list of closed source applications that work with Magic Lantern.

Son of Batch MLV -Mac Batch convert Magic Lantern MLV to DNG+Prores
[WINDOWS] MLV to DNG Batch Converter
RAWanizer - windows batch generation of video files from RAW
Raw video previewer and plugins for Mac/Window, FCP, Premiere, Avid, Scratch
Pomfort ClipHouse

The following applications have violated the GPL license that Magic Lantern releases its source code under.  These applications will receive no support here, and we prefer that users do not use or support these applications either.



Some of these workflow are outdated (e.g. eye frame converter end of development etc.....)
they should be reviewed before links are posted


Link removed.  Since I don't shoot raw, and anyone can create useful topics that can be stickied, someone (such as yourself), is more then welcome to create these useful topics.

Perhaps you can review the rest of the links and advise which ones are no longer relevant.  It would be useful to compile links to all of the tutorials in this section also.




Hello. I am learning RAW video and working on a workflow. I shoot real estate and I am trying to learn video and have it match up close to my HDR photos. I shot this in Dual ISO 100/800 RAW Video 1600x900 upscaled to 1080 final output.

I ran the clip through rawanizer for DNG output only. I took the DNG's and loaded them as an image sequence in AE and cleaned them with ACR but dropped the exposure to -1.5 for the first clip. I did this again but set the exposure to +1.5. I loaded both clips into the comp and set the brighter layer at top and to 37% (to taste) opacity to blend them. I then ran brightness/contrast and shadow/highlight effects on the comp.

Please note I shot this by hand as a test run to see what dynamic range I could pull out of it. focus is iffy also. I used a 5D3 with a canon 17-40 f5.6 I think, manually set between 1 and infinity at 17mm. I am open to any suggestions including any camera settings.

Thanks, and thank you for the awesome software. I have been using it for photos for 2 years now.