Fashion film shot on ML, 5dmkiii

Started by goran, September 20, 2014, 06:44:40 PM

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Hello all,

This is a fashion film I've done for the Laisha Magazine in Israel. It complements a 10 page editorial in the magazine.

The H.264 compression on the background is ridiculous, but the source material is gorgeous with nice gradients.

The video:

The editorial isn't published yet. This is the only image from the editorial that has been released so far:

It was shot on 5dmkiii using .raw.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

All best,


That was really interesting. It reminded me of In Her Skin.


great. love the shades and the sound.  :) i m not into fashion (zombie-teens gazing into the distance, slurping through the woods), but this one's a special one., really, like that.
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1. Converted .raw to Cinema DNG 16bit with RAWMagic.
2. In Davinci Resolve created ProRes 4444 files.
3. Cut in Premiere.
4. Exported Sequence as ProRes 4444 and slowed down in After effects 4 times (as it was shot at 100fps instead of 25)
5. Graded final slowed down version in Davinci Resolve.