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The New Guy
« on: September 08, 2014, 10:25:52 AM »
Hello all my name is California I'm 41 M of Chinese descent and I'm a newbie heya. Not a professional by any means of the word. Took a photography class in high school back towards the late 80's. Oh dark room that chemical smell I miss you so...Watched too many magazines growing up. Especially NG. So guess there was some inspiration there.

So I've recently bought a lottery ticket and scratched it and guess what, I won $30,000. Paid the taxes and some bills, had enough to purchase a used MKiii and 4 lens. So in my sojourners' travel kit is the 24-105mm kit lens. I love this thing. It pulls left and gets in there for that Kodac moment and twist right for that wide epic feel. Especially when my daughter leans to one butt cheek to fart. She has this cutest guilty look. I have a used 85mm to practice portraits for friends and freeloaders. Everyone that has a canon around these parts keep pushing that expensive $1,200 Canon 50mm. I think a $300 sigma does the same thing. I also have a 70-200mm II. For those sporting events and beach shots especially the surfers. I've been giving the thing a lot more attention. But It's a hard lense to play with.  I've been going to little league games and tried capturing that faded background but sharp foreground shots, with this bicep building beast. Some are good many are bad. And lastly I have a Pancake 40mm len I got off a friend for a $100. This is what I have in my arsenal.

I got this MKIII because a buddy of mine is a sound guy and he needed an extra hand on the set. To make a long story short. I saw what their equipment was and then began reading about it on the web. I've seen kids playing with the MKII before and never really thought anything about it. But it wasn't until I saw what some of the folks were doing with the MKiii and this Hack Magic Lantern that I knew I wanted to get back shooting.

So I've migrated over to video and DL magic lantern to see what this 60fps is all about. Started watching the Youtube how/ to videos. Man love those video thanks you guys.  I'm no stranger to the Abode Creative Stuff so let's see what we can make with this. One thing I've noticed is that I can't shoot for long before it automatically stop. I wondering if the cards getting filled because I'm shoot at 60FPS.  Well that's it for now. Let me go watch some more stuff and experiment with my camera.  Then get back on this thread.