MLVFS - a FUSE based, "on the fly" MLV to CDNG converter

Started by dmilligan, August 31, 2014, 02:01:24 AM

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Quote from: ArcziPL on January 25, 2019, 12:40:28 PM
Can you try with non-compressed MLV? You might have an old MLVFS version, without support for lossless compression. You also don't need to install Dokan or anything else. Just get the right binary of MLVFS with correct DLLs provided.

Are there any dlls/insfrastructure that I need to run mlvfs besides the files specified in this thread?
I'm not sure what you mean by non-compressed.
Any idea which dll's I should get and where I should put them?
Sorry I'm not very good with the technicals :(

I've spent the last 48 hours scouring the forum for answers and similar cases.
Can someone please simply detail where/what I'm downloading and where I should put them please?
I'm stumped :(


I can post a working version in 2 days, when I'm back home.

What I mean with uncompressed: record a MLV with selected "14-bit" (or 12, 10...) format in Magic Lantern menu for RAW video and NOT "14-bit lossless". It's just for trying it out, to nail the problem down. Normally you can/should use the lossless compression.
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Quote from: ArcziPL on January 25, 2019, 12:40:28 PM
Can you try with non-compressed MLV? You might have an old MLVFS version, without support for lossless compression. You also don't need to install Dokan or anything else. Just get the right binary of MLVFS with correct DLLs provided.

Oh my gosh. You are a genous Arczi.
I recorded uncompressed and the image came through so it must be an error involved with shooting lossless!!
Thank you so much. I was tearing my hair out and stressing out.
Any idea what I can do to get lossless working again? 
I'm using mlvfs_x64 at the moment.

Which mlvfs supports lossless compression?
Thank you again!!!!!



I downloaded and used mlvfz.exe and put dokanfuse1.dll into my program/x86

Ran it in the cmd under mlvfs_x64 and everything is good now!!!
Thank you guys!!!!!!!! This solved the pink static screen.
Hopefully this helps anyone else with the same issue as this.

Using dokan



Great that you found the right file. As the question is recurring and documentation of this great tool outdated, I post here a compilation of both 32 and 64-bit version of mlvfs already supporting lossless compression + required DLLs, so one doesn't need to install anything, just use it as is:

All inside this package is found compiled on some online repositiories of users of this forum. I just put it all together in one place.
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Hi guys
Amazing converter, really saves time and space. Apologies for the newb question but sometimes the files mount ok on the virtual directory and sometimes they don't. I have tried opening from different drives, and always open to an empty folder on my desktop as this has worked before. My folders contain only .mlv files and .mrx files. Some folders open fine and I can edit in Resolve, others I can't get to open. The safari window pops up and the drive mounts, it's just totally empty. Any ideas would be much appreciated.


Is it possible to alter the "Bad pixel fix" so that it targets ALL the frames and not just the first one?


Hi I used a 5d and put the mlv files in mlvfs this was the best way for me

now I am using a Eos m
but the the mlv app there is a setting to remove the focus dots
but the focus dots are visible in the mlvfs way

is there a way to update mlvfs to include this?
I really miss this mlvfs way of ding things

can any one help



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Quote from: masc on May 22, 2019, 12:18:57 PM
@berechiah: Here is explained what to do:

Thanks for the info
It is perfect! thanks for the reply I means a lot!

I used my 5d for a while and was so upset I could not use the mlvfs due to the focus dots and thaught the only way was mlvapp (mlvapp is fine by the way but mlvfs easy to work with)

Also some of the info is so complex to do but this was good. I am Kida tec savy but this kind of stuff goes right over my head

Thanks masc

much appreciated


I got static noise too. So downloaded the files from But can't get it to work with the same command which worked before (but resulted in footage with just noise). I tried "mlvfs_x64_lossless.exe mount/path/ --mlv_dir=path/to/mlv/folder" and "mlvfz.exe mount/path/ --mlv_dir=path/to/mlv/folder". But both just return to the command line immediately. Isn't this the correct command any longer?


I followed the instructions from clanlee. But this version doesn't work with compressed MLV files: So I trashed the mlvfs_x64_avx.exe and mlvfs_x64.exe files and instead put the mlvfs.exe from bouncyball in that folder:

Seems to be working now with the following command:

mlvfs.exe Z:\ --mlv-dir=D:\Files\ML --resolve-naming

I'm using installed Dokan_x64.msi version


I've been using mlvfs like described in my previous post with Davinci Resolve 16 Beta 3 on Windows 10 and it was working fine until today.
Edited and exported a video, all good, but today I wanted to make a small change so I opened the project again but it seems mlvfs is crashing.

So I run mlvfs with the -d option to see debug log output.

Before I open resolve, the previews of the clips load fine in the web gui.
When I open the Resolve project it shows the thumbnails of all the clips on the timeline.
When I start playback, I can get a couple of frames and then it locks up.

Mlvfs doesn't output anything special on the command line.
Last line logged was "ReadFile: \path\to\dng from 4096 len 4096"

In the file explorer the mounted drive becomes unavailable.
I get this message: "Z:\ is not accessible. Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service."

localhost:8000 won't load any longer.

Then Resolve says "Media Offline".

I didn't install anything in the mean time...
But I tried installing the new Davinci Resolve 16 Beta 4, which didn't make a difference.

Finally when I terminate mlvfs in the command line it says "send global release for Z:".
So it seems mlvfs doesn't crash completely...

Is it still working for you?


Hi, mlvfs work or not? Shelved o updated I see many old post here. I need to use eosm and 5dm2 4.5k with focus pixels and 3k of reddercity build and Davinci resolve 15. Thanks for any idea.


On which OS do you want to use MLVFS?

For me it's not working on Windows any more. I decided to copy all of the DNG folders to the hard drive, while the MLV files were mounted using MLVFS. Basically converting MLV to DNG with MLVFS. Just so I get the correct directory structure so I can open my Davinci Resolve project again.

But MLVFS stopped working again. It 'converted' 25% of the files and then crashed. This was done without opening Davinci Resolve, so seems like my issues are not related to Davinci Resolve.


So now I'm using MLV App to batch convert the MLV files to DNG so I can at least open my project again in Resolve.


Quite happy with MLVFS > DaVinci workflow these days, but just seeing a lot of talk here about updates to the Windows version.
There's been a lot of progress lately with bit-depth and lossless on the 70D. Does the current MacOS version have everything needed to handle these formats correctly? I notice no updates since July 2018.

I'm guessing not as they appear as 0 frames with no info.

Is there any kind of working Mac version of this around now, or are we forced to use a different workflow with lossless compression on MacOS?

I took a quick look at the source, but the C stuff is a bit beyond me.
Be awesome to have this workflow rolling again as I don't think we can turn back from lossless now we have it.



Quote from: freely on June 21, 2018, 09:30:25 AM
Thanks to the guide, I was able to get what I wanted. Thank you.
For your reference, let me tell you why I want to remove "MLV" from the clip name.

@Danne & Freely, do any of you mind sharing a compiled version of mlvfs for macOS with the MLV part removed from the name? Would be great if the naming would be compatible with MLV App.

I just installed mlvfs on macOS and it works with the 14bit lossless compressed MLV files from my EOS M.


Cool! Thanks. Now I can quickly review footage in DaVinci Resolve with MLVFS and then switch to exported DNG from MLV App later :)


 I think will be start with the mlvfs on windows work on win10? I read difficulty in lot opinions.


Sorry if this question isn't new (I confess I've read 69 pages VERY rapidly, and all seems in progress still now):
Does MLVFS' on-the-fly DNGs slowdown a bit Davinci? Currently, do you actually recommend a deep color grading stable workflow with on-the-fly DNGs? Or is it still better (for quality of the grading and speed) working with rendered DNGs?

Thanks a lot.


MLVFS vs rendered DNG is identical in terms of quality. For performance you will get different results for different systems, so you only can try it out with your system.
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What is the latest Version of MLVFS and How do I know I'm running latest version? I'm using MLVFS in DaVinci Studio 16, sometimes when I open project it changes name of clips and I can't relink files to project. Please let me know what's the most stable workflow with MLVFS.
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mlvfs.exe Z:\ --mlv-dir=H:\DCIM\100CANON\
Finally got it working with lossless, great idea