MLVFS - a FUSE based, "on the fly" MLV to CDNG converter

Started by dmilligan, August 31, 2014, 02:01:24 AM

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Hello everyone,

     Has anyone tested MLVFS on Mac OS Sierra? I haven't upgraded yet, and don't want to unless I know it works. Thanks.

- Paul Harwood




Quote from: waza57 on September 07, 2016, 08:01:44 PM
For a gain of speed I try to play with registry in windows .

          HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell\ we can create a key named "mount MLV" (clik right->new key)
then in
          HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell\mount MLV we must create a key named "command" 
and then:
          we create on right side a string value like this (right click-> new string value) and tape this

cmd /c "start /D <path where mlvs.exe is located> mlvfs.exe x: --mlv_dir="%1" && "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" localhost:8000"

be Careful we must left a space between the path and mlvfs.exe!

Now with a right click on a folder with MLV files we can mount it and start the web gui in the same time.

hope this helps.

Thank you very much! This is a great way to use MLVFS on Windows. But I did have to alter your code a bit. Im not sure whether this is a windows 10 Problem, but Windows didn't want me to have a mlvfs in "C:\Program Files\MLVFS" for some reason, so i had to move my folder directly to "C:\MLVFS". I also changed it to start mlvfs_x64.exe.

This brings me to another question though, which is the newest version of mlvfs for windows and where can I find it?

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Looks like dokany has released a stable 1.0.0 version. It would probably be worth the time for anyone who can compile on Windows (all you need is Visual Studio) to try it and see if there are any improvements/fixes to some of the current issues/limitations in the Windows version.



Since I really like my 5D3 camera I use it a lot and the raw2cdng app has saved me all the time,
and is so easy to use and is a big part of my quite easy workflow with Davinci Resolve and Premiere Pro.

I'am about to upgrade/downgrade to Windows 10 unfortunately. What app could I use that is sort of similar to raw2cdng 1.6.1?

Embedding a short video I made of raw2cdng 1.6.1 that I find really fast and easy to use.


You're looking at it. MLVFS is cross-platform.


I'm pretty sure raw2cndg is .NET based. I can't think of any reason it wouldn't already work on Windows 10 as is. MLVFS support on Windows is working but still somewhat immature.


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@ allemyr you know there's a Search tab on the left upper part of the forum web page.
Oh look what this :o Windows 10 + Magic Lantern Raw Video Tools    
MLVFS For Wins 7/8/10 - Cdng on the fly convertor for Magic Lantern Raw
New PC Tools to replace ACR & A.E. with same or better results (Without Resolve)
QuoteRe: MLVFS - a FUSE based, "on the fly" MLV to CDNG converter
from dmilligan
The latest MLVFS is now available for Windows!
Thanks to g3gg0 and the dokany project, MLVFS now works on Windows just like the Mac/Linux FUSE version.
You'll need to install Dokany


Hi all, am I correct in assuming the only way MLVFS works on Windows is to assign it a drive letter? (z:, x:, etc) Is it not possible to mount the virtual file within the same folder on the same drive in which the original MLV file exists?

I've got MLVFS working correctly on my Win 10 machine (MLVFS_x86 and Dokan), but would love to be able to have the virtual file mount exist in the same folder of the original MLV file instead of on an "external" virtual drive.

I can do this via command line with PFM, but I need the vertical stripe fix that MLVFS provides through the browser interface. Alternately, if anyone knows how to implement the vertical stripe fix with PFM, please let me know. Thanks in advance for any advice.


I just want to say thank you to the developers for this amazing tool. and to waza57 for the menu entry.
Grading MLV in Resolve 12 without any proxys is amazing :-)


Hi I am still trying with windows 10 64 bit. I receive message missing dokanfuse.exe. i am using dokan and X86 is this correct?
many thanks to all for your time here.


Depends on your operating system.

What works nice for me: Dokan (
You have to install the 64bit Version of Dokan if you have a 64bit Windows.
To work nicely with Dokan 64bit I use MLVFS_x64 (

Note: On my system, when mountig MLV directry from my Komputerbay CF in a LEXAR USB3.0 Reader I get frame number of 0 for all files.
When mouning from a regular HDD/SSD it works fine. I believe this is a special issue with my device configuration.


Xenith, thankyou so much for your time here and although I haven't tried it yet the links you have supplied look promising. Keen to get it going.
Yes I am Windows 10 64bit, 32 ram SSD etc so should cope well.
thank you again.


I installed MLFVS on El Capitan, everything works like the video explained.
But it's too slowly when I check the material in Resolve.

- My mac is one of the newest - ready and working in resolve, Raid disc, discrete Gpu, etc.
- DNG are ten  files of 2-3 gb, are not very big.

I tried to copy the content created by the MLFVS virtual disc, in the hard disc, and it's ridiculous slow.

What am I doing wrong?



What processing options did you enable? Some options are very slow.


Bad Pixel ON
Vertical Stripes Fix

Should I try without these options. But I tried for that options.



First of all thank you for this amazing piece of software! It has allowed me to create amazing things. Just wanted to check as I'm having issues with speed too. When I mount a folder of 128GB of .MLV files I get the "(Loading...)" text after the entries in the browser. All boxes left in default (labor intensive settings unchecked). It will usually take up to 30 minutes to load all of the files. I'm on a 2015 15 inch macbook pro (all possible hardware upgrades from apple store). After the files load I import them to resolve I usually get the spinning wheel for around 10-15 minutes before the dialogue box to change the project settings pops up and I can continue processing. I've seen the video tutorials and it seems like no one else experiences this wait time even with large .MLVs. What am I doing wrong? Could my USB 3.0 HDD be the bottleneck? Rendering out of Resolve is generally running at 12-15 fps. Thanks in advance.


The initial delay at the beginning is MLVFS indexing the MLV files. As long as you don't delete the .IDX files it creates, this only happens once. This process should only be limited by hard drive speed.

Quote from: MitchLally on November 03, 2016, 05:29:58 AM
Could my USB 3.0 HDD be the bottleneck?
Storage speed is almost always the bottleneck unless you have really intensive processing options turned on. You can use the Activity Monitor (in Applications/Utilities) to get a better idea of what is going on.

The hard drive file system format may have an effect as well. I've noticed some performance issues with exFAT on macOS with SD cards that (dunno if it would also apply to HDD, certainly possible). I would recommend using Apple's builtin file system if you're not already.




Thanks! I went out and picked up two Samsung T3 external SSD and configured them to raid 0. Probably overkill but that solved my issue for the most part. I guess it is also just the sheer size of the folder I'm trying to mount right now.